Chrome: Pulling Switch V3 Manifest

Chrome: Pulling Switch V3 Manifest

Google actually wanted to start deactivating support for the Manifest V2 extension interface in pre-release versions of its Chrome browser in January 2023. It should start moving towards Manifest V3. Now Simeon Vincent, the Google manager responsible for working with developers of Chrome extensions, has announced that this phase will be put on hold.

Manifest V2 is an interface for extensions that all Chromium browsers currently support (i.e. Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave and Chrome among others). Google intends to replace this interface with a new Manifest V3.

According to Google, the new interface should increase the security of the browser. Oftentimes, extensions are noticed for stealing user data or doing illegal business in other ways. This is intended to complicate the architecture of Manifest V3, allowing users to specifically restrict permissions for extensions. Also, Manifest V3 should improve performance.

But there is also a lot of criticism of the new interface. So complain to a civil rights organization flights And developers that the new standard complicates the development of ad and tracking blockers – after all, the most important category of extensions for Chrome. Apparently, other developers are also having difficulty converting their extensions to Manifest V3. chromestats stats show. In March, writes Vincent, there will be a new schedule for transitioning to Manifest V3.


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