Genshin Impact – New Expansion “A Thousand Roses Awaken in the Morning” introduced

Genshin Impact - New Expansion "A Thousand Roses Awaken in the Morning" introduced

HoYoverse (miHoYo) has the next big expansion for the open-world role-playing game “Awakening a Thousand Roses in the Morning”. jenshin effect will be introduced, which will bring, among other things, Sumeru, the fourth of the game’s Seven Great Cities, and Dendro Elements, the final part of the Seven Elements system, into the game.

“The vast area of ​​Sumeru lies to the west of Liu and is divided into two major parts: the rainforest and the desert. With the release of the new version, players will be able to explore the dense rainforest and several settlements including the city of Sumeru. He and the port of Ormos, known as the Realm of Enlightenment, the region of Sumeru is also home to the most prestigious and historical institution, the Academy, founded by scholars of the former Dendro Arkan, the “high female rukhadeity”. Whereas 500 years ago “Low Lady Kusanali”, became the current Dendro-Arcon and thus the youngest of seven, the Academy took over Sumeru and made knowledge a resource that was tightly managed. goes.”

New extension in Genshin Impact (update 3.0) is scheduled for 24 august Will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 as well as mobile versions. The following trailer provides detailed insight into the new areas and content, and details are attached.

The Dendro element will be available to players for the first time, as well as a new series of elemental reactions. Exposure to the dendro element, pyro, hydro and electric elements, can trigger three basic reactions: flaming, sprouting and wild growth. In combat, the last two reactions can develop into other reactions. When dendro power meets hydro power, the sprout reaction creates one or more dendro cores that burst after a short period of time, damaging the dendro region.

When Dendro Cores come into contact with Pyro Power, they trigger the Flame Sprout, which when detonated causes even more intense damage to the Dendro region. Electro-Power, on the other hand, turns Dendro cores into proliferating projectiles that can automatically kill opponents using the “Super Sprout”. When Dendro Power meets Electric Power, the Wild Growth Reaction occurs, which puts the target in the Primal Growth state and increases their damage with the next Electric or Dendro attack using the Super Growth or Wine Growth Reaction” is triggered .

In the Sumerian rainforest, some plants and organisms that have characteristics of dendro power can be propagated using hydro, pyro or electric powers. Monsters affected by these elements can switch between different states, attack styles, and hunting types, and some plants and mushrooms can provide useful special effects. Also, humid tropical regions provide ideal living conditions for a greater diversity of wildlife. Fungi have also evolved into a unique species, fungal animals, to protect their homeland. The new owner, the “winged mushroom animal”, is one of the mushroom animals with a strong animal nature, which is quite territorial and aggressive. Another new owner, the “Flux Lightning Tree”, is also waiting for travelers in the depths of the forest.

Dendro characters will also be added to the list of playable characters. Travelers can unlock Dendro power in Sumeru’s Statue of the Seven and have the opportunity to recruit two new Dendro characters. The 5-star character Tighnari is a warm-blooded young explorer and forest warden master. Both his powerful punches and special abilities can deal multi-level damage, making Tighnari an excellent choice for setting up chain reactions based on the Dendro element. Tighnari’s student, Koli, will join as a 4-star character. Travelers have the opportunity to recruit Collie for free by completing the main action “Carving Childhood” in version 3.0.

In addition to Dendro figures, there is also an auxiliary 4-star electric figure, Dory. Dori is a mysterious merchant with a two-handed sword. With her special ability, Dori can continuously restore health and elemental energy to nearby squad members. Tighnari, Koli and Zhongli will be available in work prayers in the first part of the update. On the other hand, Dori will only be available later in Action Prayer when Ganyu and Sangonomiya return to Kokomi.

More customization and features will be implemented with massive expansion to improve the game. Three new utilities, ‘Blessing of Ashwath’, ‘Test Ultra Heat Lamp’ and ‘Fishing Line Stabilizer’ can be purchased to facilitate the process of logging, cooking and fishing. In addition, colorful shading is used to make the world of Taywat even more vivid.

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