Emigration Scheme: Which German city does Roerich want to visit?

Emigration Scheme: Which German city does Roerich want to visit?

Rurik Gislasson (33) has built a loyal fan base in Germany. It first showed its success in the dance show let’s Dance. Secure local audience sympathy? Easy for Roerich! He was dancing on his own To win And in the hearts of fans. A huge success for Icelander, who almost casually mentioned in the finale that he would like to live in a land of poets and thinkers permanently. Now he reveals more about his plan to emigrate!

On Good morning germany Roerich was with his dance partner Renata (33) as a guest and revealed: “What I am going to do is not fully established right now and where I am going.” However, their new domicile must meet several criteria. “For me, the city has to offer a good airport, good cafes and accommodating people,” clarified the lover with snow-blue eyes. In the past he already lived in Nuremberg, now Düsseldorf was chosen for him.

They also have a special reason for staying in their new home. Roerich recently took one. Announced in Rtl– Interview: “I have a small business in Germany [aufgebaut, Anm. d. Red.]”. As the founder of his own Gin brand, the ex-professional kicker is beginning his new life with a promising career perspective!

Rurik Gislason, “Let’s Dance” 2021. Participant in
“Let’s Dance”, 2021. Roerich Gislason on
Roerich Gislason, football professional
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