A simple “hmm?” Gunther throws Oliver Paucher off the track!

A simple "hmm?"  Gunther throws Oliver Paucher off the track!


Oliver Potcher: “I thought there was another play on words”

After just taking a seat in Gunther Jauch’s chair, Oliver Potcher’s big “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The gamer feels pressure in the special. Already on the question “Are there long sleeves and clothes too Uwe, Udo, Ulli and Ulf?” The entertainer followed a moment with a “sweater!” Reacts with. But there is already a single interrogation “Hmm?” As our video shows, Gunther Jauch is enough to make Oli really sweat.

Geez! The reverse effect of Günther Jauch’s praise to Anke Engelke

After a while Gunther Jauch and Jo were probably a bit uncomfortable. He just wanted to give a little hint to Oliver Pocher on the 16,000 euro question and also congratulated Pocher’s colleague Anke Engelke. His sentence is “here is someone who has never won a million – but thinks what!” However, it was misunderstood and caused – fortunately only for a short time – a lot of upheaval at Celebrity Bank. We will show again in the video what was going on. (GDU)

TVNOW. Look online at “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

As always, we have the whole “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The episode is ready for you to watch on TVNOW.

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