Oliver Pocher: “Essentially Spent A Few Days With My Ex-Wife”

Oliver Pocher: "Essentially Spent A Few Days With My Ex-Wife"

Oliver Pocher (43) keeps getting headlines. it’s mostly about him fight against influential peopleMILF in their presence tv show, against their verbal attacks Michael Wendler (49) or his comedy podcast with his wife Amira Pocher (28).

From time to time, the comedian’s personal life is also an issue, due to a recent vacation he and his ex-wife took with them. Alessandra Meyer-Wolden (38) has spent.

You can see Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-Wolden’s vacation shot in the video above!

Alessandra Meyer-Wolden: Holiday to Italy with Oliver Pocher

In an interview with RTL, the 43-year-old talked about how the holiday went and how his wife Amira reacted to the fact that her boyfriend had taken a few days off in Italy with his ex and their kids . But anyone who expected the scandalous revelations was disappointed by Oliver Poacher – and he was delighted with it.

Oliver Pocher: “I Visited My Kids”

Early in the interview, Oliver Pocher made it clear: “I almost got it. not really a holiday created. I met my kids who were also here in Europe. Naturally, I also spent a few days with the ex-wife.”

Oliver and Alessandra were married from 2010 to 2014, with three children from this relationship. Pocher with his wife Amira, whom he married in 2019 two more kids. Alessandra lives with children in the USA. In this regard, Oliver Pocher naturally uses the opportunity to see his children in Europe.

Amira Pochar: This is how she reacted to Oli’s vacation with ex

When asked how he reacted when Amira found out about the holiday, the comedian admitted, in an act of agitation, that he had genuine tension with his “wife of the gods”: “It was from the most tender home. But there was an explosion, on the other there are no stones left.” But it quickly became clear that he only wanted to make people laugh with this theatrical performance.

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It is also known that The patchwork model works great in Poacher And the two mothers of Oliver Pocher’s children now get along well. Rich should also be the reason Oliver and Alessandra may well get on with each other again – Because after the end of the relationship, there was a relationship between the two rather tense.

Do you want to know more about the family? Here’s a look at Amira with her brother:

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