Porsche Macan Facelift 2021 | car engine and sport

Porsche Macan Facelift 2021 |  car engine and sport

An electrified successor is coming soon, but the Macan series with gasoline engines is likely to continue to be manufactured. The current facelift makes the Macan fit for the next few years.

So now that the Macan only has three engines, the model called Turbo is no longer available. The GTS takes its place at the top of the Macan hierarchy with 440 hp. it’s under Tiger S with 380 hp. Both now have the EA830 six-cylinder version which has been shrunk down to 2.9 liters. At the base we still find a two-liter four-cylinder, which makes from 20 to 265 hp stronger. A row of facelifted macaques bask in the sun at Lekness airport in Lofoten, some 200km north of the Arctic Circle. Some of them are particularly colourful, for example in the new orange-brown papaya or the poisonous green python. We choose the Miami Blue Macan without the S with the four-cylinder engine for the first exhaust. The V6 model’s extra horsepower plays a subordinate role on the Lofoten’s narrow, winding roads anyway. And the entry level Macan is 85kg lighter.


The cockpit of the new Porsche Macan.

That’s a lot of wood. For example, a little more than a tenth of a solid cubic meter of firewood. You probably wouldn’t want to know this, but it matches the weight difference between the Macan’s two-liter four-cylinder and the V6 engined model, which, as is well known, also comes from the corporate pool. A lot of wood, so let’s turn to the entry-level model. After all, it wasn’t upgraded in the slightest during the model update, 20 more horsepower and 30 Nm more max torque, that’s something. Performance isn’t much different from its predecessor, with 245 hp, but it looks like the new four-cylinder is progressing to a more powerful one. More importantly, the two-liter four-cylinder with the beautiful name EA888 also received in smoothness. It laces casually into the engine room and is only slightly more present at full load.

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light-footed macan

The two-litre hangs nicely on the gas and cooperates comfortably and accurately with the dual-clutch transmission (PDK). The desire for more oomph from the engine room rarely arises. At least as long as you’re driving on country roads with foam buried in it. Because that too is inherent in this entry-level Porsche: it feels and drives like a Porsche. The steering reports feedback to the driver’s sensors which inspires confidence, the chassis is firmly and securely on the road, almost completely in the position it is in. Admittedly, the adaptive air suspension suits the Miami Blue test car very well, costs an extra 1,476 euros and is definitely a recommendation. Comfortable springing and rolling feels more amazing as our Macan is equipped with 21-inch wheels (4,873 euros extra). The two-litre Macan can be chased very nimble and fast on narrow country roads, remains neutral, largely free from annoying side tilts due to the air suspension, and the standard steel brake system is fine and precise. significantly delays. Everything fits, so why invest around 9,000 euros more in a 2.9-liter V6?

Porsche Macana


Smaller engines with more power.

In direct comparison, it’s a little more cumbersome, but it may just seem so because you yourself would like to believe it. The two six-cylinder engines have also been improved, with the S now making 380 hp and the 440 hp GTS serving as the top engine. In terms of propulsion and sound, they naturally have more to offer than the original Macan. From unlimited motorways that can be decisive, experience shows, but here in Norway the many cylinders and horsepower of the more expensive versions seem like a luxury. It’s nice to have, but it almost works even without it. In any case, the visual differences are minimal. If you’re looking for differences from the pre-facelift model, there aren’t many. The redesigned front section now has an insert in the vehicle’s colour, which is more noticeable with the exclusive color Miami Blue compared to the Free Black, for example. There is also a new diffuser on the rear and redesigned side panels, LED headlights are now standard. Incidentally, the loading volume has increased slightly – if you want to transport a few solid cubic meters of wood.

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Driving characteristics, comfort and processing quality are at the top of the facelifted Porsche Macan. Also, the modified engines like good manners and a lot of stretch. So Porsche can continue to build its successful Macan model for a few more years.

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