Interest groups criticize EU plan as out of date

Interest groups criticize EU plan as out of date

From Sarah Petzold ,
The head of the USB Implementers Forum, Jeffrey L. Ravencraft has sharply criticized the EU’s plans to integrate the USB standard. According to him, the standard is already out of date.

Bureaucratic mills grind slowly – sometimes very slowly, as is the case with the EU-wide standardization of the USB standard. The plans presented by the EU Commission on the subject are based on an old standard, said Jeffrey L., head of the USB Implementers Forum. Criticize Ravencroft.

2019 standards have been revised for a long time

The EU Commission is relying on two standards in its plans, namely EN IEC 6280-1-3:2021 and EN IEC 6280-1-2:2021. However, these two standards are from August 2019. The USB Implementers Forum had already published a new version in May 2021, as emphasized by Ravencroft. He writes in an official statement:
,[…] The proposed bill does not fully address the way USB specifications (and their further development) work and function and are likely to result in interoperability and functionality problems, confusion and controversy.,

USB-IF also specifically criticizes the following points in the draft EU Commission:

  • The draft is limited to a single generation of USB technology.
  • Quick adaptation to the draft of newly developed USB standards is not possible because the time lag between new development and the legislative process is too long.
  • The draft is limited to individual aspects of the USB standard.
  • It is unclear how the draft will guarantee that other additional charging protocols are fully compatible with USB.
  • The draft does not make it clear whether there will be a regulator for the standards.
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Whether the EU Commission will react to these objections during the legislative process remains to be seen. The Commission submitted the draft in September 2021, which will be approved by the EU Parliament and the Council of Europe. Then there’s a transition period of 24 months—which could make Ravencroft’s objection to temporary objections more serious.

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