Hybrid isn’t just for cars: Lemo One – one e-bike, two souls

Hybrid isn't just for cars: Lemo One - one e-bike, two souls

Hybrids aren’t just for cars
Lemo One – One E-Bike, Two Souls

Thanks to the SmartPack, the Lemo One electric bicycle can be converted to conventional drive, that is, pure muscle power. Alternatively, the chic city bike can be ordered without an electric drive as well.

Lemo is the name of a new bicycle brand, with the One model providing an urban bike that can traditionally be powered by muscle power or electricity. In both versions, it features a slim and neatly styled aluminum frame that, thanks to the adhesive process, has no welds. Trains and lines have also been largely laid inside.

SmartPack can be removed in a few simple steps. Then the pedelec would become a conventional bicycle with Bio Drive.

(Photo: Lemo)

In the case of the electric-drive version, the hub motor at the rear wheel provides the propulsion. It can be decoupled at the push of a button, which reduces pedaling resistance from the e-machine if you want to ride without electric support.

If electrical support is needed, it is reconnected. In addition, Detachable SmartPack must be installed. It is a small box with an outer skin, which houses the computer technology as well as the battery. This pack attaches to the top of the down tube to power the electric motor. With a capacity of 540 Wh, the power supply should last up to 100 kilometers.

The battery can also be used as a power bank


Practical: The SmartPack can also be used as a power bank, for example to operate a notebook.

(Photo: Lemo)

In addition to battery and drive controls, the SmartPack integrates an IoT chip that allows connection to the Internet and thus GPS tracking. The battery can also be used as a power bank for a smartphone or notebook, thanks to the USB-A and -C connections. Suitable for everyday use, the E variant’s equipment also includes an alarm system, a display in the top tube, rear wheel lock, mudguards, lighting system, ten-speed derailleur gear and hydraulic disc brakes.

Without the SmartPack and electric motor, the One, which will be available from autumn and will cost at least €1090, weighs 13.7kg. With smartpack and hub motor, it’s a few kilos heavier and 900 euros more expensive, so it costs 1990 euros.

Lemo primarily wants to sell the One online. Pre-orders are already being accepted. The first delivery is to take place in the autumn. Lemo also wants to open a store in Berlin, where test drives can also be held.

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