“Bauer Such Frau” star reacts to separation rumors

"Bauer Such Frau" star reacts to separation rumors

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer met on “Bauer Such Frau” in 2020.Image: Antonia_Hemmer / Instagram

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer are among the dream couples of “Bauer Such Frau”. Hobby Farmer and Beautician participated in the 16th season of RTL Dome show in 2020 and found each other after shooting. They have been together for two years now, their fan hold them instagram Updated with regular glimpses into his personal life.

Both channels together, nearly 200,000 users are interested in what they both say about him on Instagram Life and your Relationship To tell. However, the couple has already found that such a range also has disadvantages. Antonia and Patrick see each other frequently Faced fake allegations or commented on separation rumours.

“The farmer is looking for a woman”: this is what Antonia and Patrick say about the rumors of separation

Antonia’s social media channel has been quieter than usual over the past few days. Apparently, this worried some fans of the “Bauer such Frau” stars. Because one follower wrote Patrick:

“When will you announce that you’re separated?”

Patrick put the speculation to rest in his own way. He reposted the message in his story and wrote: “Antonia, with you again on Friday” and added a heart emoji. His girlfriend also responded to the news, telling her community: “Hey man, guys – we’re all good.” She then reiterated that she and Patrick would see each other on Friday. Plus, she gave all the skeptics one piece of advice: “chill out.”

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The last few days were “no picnic” for Antonia.

There’s also a simple explanation why Antonia hasn’t reported on Instagram in the past few days: She was sick. In her Instagram story she informed her community: “The last three days haven’t really been a walk in the park. I had such a high fever and it’s been a long time since I had this kind of fever.” In her view, the effects of influenza are worse in summer than in winter, she said, adding: “I’m doing much better now, my voice is still a little bad, but I’m over the mountain.”


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