Sonya Cross appears without wig after chemotherapy: “I don’t care at all”

Sonya Cross appears without wig after chemotherapy: "I don't care at all"

She always puts him in a good mood on TV, but presenter Sonya Krauss is going through turbulent times. She was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor. Now she reports on the changes taking place in her body.

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This news came as a shock: Bayes Sonya Krause is a small but highly aggressive Tumor found in the chest. She decided to take a radical step, have her breasts removed and made it all public. The 48-year-old keeps in touch with her followers and tells how she is doing. From the outside, the former “Talk, Talk, Talk” presenter hardly shows off her battle with cancer because she wears a wig. In a new video she shared on instagramShares profiles, deletes them and shows results chemotherapy,

Sonya Cross: Hair loss “doesn’t bother me at all”

With a cold cap, which is supposed to be part of the hair, he tried to save his hair. But there’s not much left in her long blonde mane, as Krauss explains: “My own hair is cut down by 20 percent and looks so sad, but I love, love, love! So cool, why didn’t I already find out earlier?”

Despite the illness, the TV star remains positive. She confidently removes her wig, showing off the effects of the chemo on her head. And you can see that the back of his head is slowly becoming bald, he still has hair on the front and sides. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” she says. “It’s getting bare in there, but you can’t let it get down there.”

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In this video of about two and a half minutes, she wants to encourage other women who are suffering from hair loss due to various reasons. The 48-year-old also wrote about the post: “So ladies, hair is falling out? Think pink! Always focus on the positive sides of life!” You can see in her video messages that she lives this life motto herself. Despite the shock diagnosis, Krauss did not forget to laugh.

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