“NCIS”: “My Team” – Parker leaves no room for Gibbs to return

"NCIS": "My Team" - Parker leaves no room for Gibbs to return

Was he about to change the guard on NCIS? Alert, spoilers follow for new episodes of the crime series. In the current 19th season, which is currently airing on season 1, longtime boss Gibbs is leaving his team to spend his retirement in Alaska. Until now, however, it was believed that it was only a matter of time before the special agent in charge would return to fight crime again. Now, however, the story of his successor has taken a turn that could mean the end for Gibbs.

No more room for “NCIS” – Gibbs?

“NCIS” – Who Needs Gibbs Now?

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The episode “All Hands” had no shortage of action. An alleged black ops team hijacks a research vessel. Parker, Torres and company set out to stop him, but the two-man army is always one step ahead of him. Knight and Torres can be captured while Parker secretly crawls through the air shaft to free them.

Not everyone involved knows this: the two villains only wanted to use the action to steal the NCIS by flying it with a Navy helicopter. And so it happens, but no one should believe it without Parker disguised as John McClain. Hiding in a helicopter, he leads fake Black Op soldiers to a warehouse. It is full of stolen military equipment and vehicles. Parker manages to draw attention to himself with Haley’s communication devices. This time the hall is raided by real soldiers and the villains are stopped.

There is no doubt that Parker took a risk in the matter, which is why he is immediately called to Director Vance’s office. He put both himself and the team in great danger, but Parker only replies that it was the only way to protect his team. And there we have it: their team. For the first time ever, Parker McGee, Palmer and Co. refers to the group around him as “his team”. So far he has not been able to get used to the idea and has avoided such designations – until now.

Where is the place for Gibbs now? With the second half of Season 19 already airing in the US, it’s entirely possible that actor Mark Harmon will return for a case, but then skip Season 20 altogether. It’s hardly needed now, at least at work. It will be good to see a comeback only for the fans.

“NCIS” always airs Saturdays with new episodes at 8:15 p.m.

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