Caravan against the blockade in Cuba and several cities in the United States and Canada> World ›Gramma

Caravan against the blockade in Cuba and several cities in the United States and Canada> World ›Gramma

With Cuba playing the national anthem on February 28, the “Bridges of Love” caravan in Miami began to demand an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba.

From his Twitter account, Leonas Torres Rivera, head of the Cuban diplomatic mission in the United States, announced that Cuban residents are American, Canadian, and representative from other countries in Miami, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Ottawa . And Montreal will hold protest parades.

From Montreal, Canada, Cubans are preparing to continue these days of caravans for Cuba and their families and report on the nation and website against shaking the country for more than 60 years and limiting its growth opportunities can read.

To honor and support Cuban doctors dealing with the epidemic inside and outside the island, another tweet was added.

According to our embassy in Canada, Cubans living in Ottawa-Gatinio and members of groups have joined the caravan in solidarity with Cuba.

Messages on Twitter against the demonstrations and blockade in support of Cuba were echoing on the Cuban president and the Foreign Ministry, as well as other accounts.

Between April 2019 and March 2020 alone, the blockade resulted in the loss of more than five billion dollars to Cuba, affecting more than 160 million health sectors. In the six decades since the implementation of this policy, the accumulated deficit in the region has already exceeded $ 3 billion.

The genocidal nature of this policy is again proved in times of epidemic. The United States has used in this context to deprive mechanical lung ventilators, masks, diagnostic kits, goggles, reagents, and other devices for the treatment of this disease between the lives and deaths of both patients and health workers Those who treat can make a difference.

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