Stolen Trademark? Dance couple Justice sued Justin Bieber

Stolen Trademark?  Dance couple Justice sued Justin Bieber

Dance couple is taking legal action against Justice Justin Biber On. The reason for this is its new album cover.

Justin Biber Got a lawyer these days. The reason for this is the cover of their new album “Justice”. Which will be released on Friday 19 March. According to the letter, the singer used the trademark “cross” logo of the French dance duo Justice.

“Morning when Bieber Justice co-manager said it was difficult to announce his album, Tyler Goldberg, Music magazine “Rolling stoneIn addition to seeing the logo himself on the Internet, he and the band sounded like “must have heard from hundreds of people throughout the day” and were asking if the album was a collaboration act with Justice.

Already on 10 March Bieber Hence refrain from using “justice” in relation to “cross”. Because the logo, the article goes on to say, has been in France in 2008 as well as in France The European Union Protected since 2014.

“Illegal use”

“Your use is illegal. You have not obtained permission from Justice to use Mark,” cited.Rolling stone“From this letter.” In addition, the work of Bieber Not affiliated with, sponsored by or sponsored by justice in any way. Such use of the mark is not only illegal, it is also likely to mislead and confuse consumers. “

In an attached email from 2020 Bieber The team also asked Justice Management to contact the designer who once designed the Justice logo. Was ready with designer Bieber Talking about her logo, the Canadian singer’s part contact was discontinued. “Not only this Bieber The team actually decided to use Trademark Known by the Justice, “the letter reads,” he tried to use the same artist to essentially mimic the album. It is bad faith and strong-willed like a textbook ”.

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Despite the letter, the 27-year-old had pushed ahead with the release of his album. He is also bringing many new goods which also have controversial symbols. According to the statements of Justice Management Bieber The team meanwhile “dismissed” the lawsuit. There is no explanation from the singer.

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