Farmer leaves empty handed

Farmer leaves empty handed

Inca Bauz to host “Bauer Sucht Frau” again this yearImage: RTL / Stephen Gregorovius

After the start of this year’s “Bauer Sucht Frau” season on Monday, the barn festivities moved into the second round on Tuesday. A total of eleven farmers and one farmer expects the RTL dome format to be bigger Love to find. But the barn celebration for the two farmers ended differently than planned.

There was no radio with Farmer Enno

Dairy farmer Enno has very precise ideas about the woman of his dreams: She must be empathetic and understanding, he told RTL. Lee and Tamira, whom he wanted to get to know better at the Barn Festival, were shortlisted. When presenter Inca Bouz wanted to know which two women he would like to take with him to court week, the East Frisians were surprised:

“Somehow it didn’t work with either of them. I wouldn’t take either one with me to farm week. To avoid the hassle, I’ll just say it’s probably not going to work for either of them. can do.”

Dairy Farmer Enno with Tamara and Lee "Farmer is looking for wife"

Dairy Farmer Enno with Tamara and Lee in “Bauer Such Frau”Image: RTL/Stephen Gregorovius

So Enno does not take either of the two women with him to his farm. He went on to explain why neither Lee nor Tamira matches his views: “The first impression was great, but gradually you saw that they both had childlike features and I needed a real woman who knew what she wanted in me. Life And with whom you can talk more seriously.” Tamara said, the two disdainful candidates reacted with understanding to Enno’s decision: “I think it’s good that he is so open and honest and says so,” Tamara said.

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Farmer Enno got second chance after double basket

Is this the end of a love adventure for the 25-year-old in “Bauer Such Frau”? Luckily no! During the barn festival he chats with candidate Kim, who was actually invited by farmer Peter. But Peter decided against Shyamala, who was free to Eno. “Of course she’s a beautiful woman and if we keep talking, I can imagine taking her to court week.”, enthused Lower Saxony in a personal interview.

Hasten said no: at the end of the evening he invited Kim to his farm, who warmly accepted his invitation with a “yes.”

Drama Bee Bauer Mike

Farmer Mike, on the other hand, didn’t have a happy ending. Unlike Enno, he actually decided on a candidate during the barn fest: He wanted to spend farm week with Sandra. It was also fire and flame for the farmer as Mike decided: “I’m really happy that I’ve been allowed to join in. I look forward to Agriculture Week and I look forward to being together.”

But Common Court Week was not to come. The next morning Mike was haunted by doubts about his decision:

“The later the evening came, the more I wondered if Sandra was the right woman. And then I realized she wasn’t.”

Cow and Pig Farmer Mike with Michaela and Sandra at Barn Fest

Cow and Pig Farmer Mike with Michaela and Sandra at Barn FestImage: RTL/Stephen Gregorovius

He then told the ignorant Sandra about his decision in his hotel room. This hit Mike’s disapproval hard. “I didn’t expect it at all. What a shame…” she said with tears in her eyes. 40 year old went back to his farm alone hesseno.

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