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At D23 Expo 2022 Fan Event Express different content manager Disney For the fact that the Korean works better than the Japanese from a marketing point of view.


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South Korea overtakes Japan

On the one hand, the presiding manager of International Content is Rebecca Campbell. She thinks that any Korean Disney production will be great content regionally and globally. If the production in Korea is well received, it would mean that it would get a positive response across Asia and around the world.

In particular Carol Choi, chief content manager for the Asian region, drew comparisons with Japan. According to him, Korean content will be better than Japan, especially in terms of international reach, as audiences outside their country of origin will also sympathize with and love them.

Of course, some Korean Internet users immediately took this as an opportunity to take on their eternal rival from the neighboring country. rant,

  • » I always try to enjoy the unique sensibilities of Japan, but it is true that there is something lacking in Japanese works globally.«
  • “I haven’t seen any Japanese work since ‘Love Letter’ (1995).”
  • »Japanese works are unrealistic and inconvenient.«
  • “Japan is an isolated island and probably too unique to please internationally.”
  • » The only thing that South Korea loses to Japan these days is in terms of population.«
  • “South Korea has also surpassed Japan in many other areas, such as baseball, soccer, figure skating, the Olympics, chipset technology, consumer electronics and smartphones, not to mention K-pop.”
  • » Webtoon has already made Korea a comic heavyweight.«
  • “It is too early to tell. In fact, South Korea’s competitiveness is increasing while Japan’s is declining.«

How do you see this topic? Do you like Japanese or Korean works better? Tell us in the comments!

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