The hole keeps growing: the crater in Mexico is a mystery

The hole keeps growing: the crater in Mexico is a mystery

the hole keeps growing
The crater in Mexico is a mystery

First there is a loud noise, then suddenly a hole in the ground opens in a field in Mexico. But it doesn’t stop there: the crater has expanded significantly over the past few days. So far only speculations are being made about the reasons for this.

A huge crater has opened up in an area in central Mexico for reasons that are not yet clear. The general coordinator of the local civil defense, Jose Antonio Ramírez, said the water-filled hole continues to grow. The only house in the vicinity, which stands directly on the edge of the crater in the village of Santa María Zacatepec in the central state of Puebla, is at risk. Now the reason is being investigated.

The owner of the house had initially heard a loud noise over the weekend. After a tour of the field, he discovered a hole five meters in diameter in the ground. The crater is now 97m by 78m, Ramírez told the radio show Aristegui Noticias. It is roughly the size of a football field.

Underground water currents can create craters in easily eroded soil, according to the National Civil Defense. The pit is said to be about 20 meters deep. Popocatépetl Volcano is located near the city, about 120 kilometers southeast of Mexico City. Ash and fine volcanic fragments are deposited in the ground.

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