++ Midterms 2022 live: Trump plans to impeach Biden after Republican victory

++ Midterms 2022 live: Trump plans to impeach Biden after Republican victory
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Republicans are speculating on winning both houses of Congress in the midterm. Meanwhile, blacks are said to have been barred from voting. News ticker.

  • Who wins the election: The race for a majority in the United States continues in the midterm – Senate and House of Representatives
  • “big announcement”: Donald Trump Want to comment on your political future just a week after midterm
  • Mid-term live: All the news about the duel between Democrats and Republicans in the midterm elections in the United States in our news ticker.

+++ 3.45 PM: Trump’s apprehensive lawyer Alina Habba Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has warned against running in the 2024 US election. The Republican is considered the most dangerous opponent of the former US President. “DeSantis is DeSantis because of Trump,” said lawyer for the right-wing medium Right Side Broadcasting Network On the sidelines of a rally in the US state of Ohio. “He has to live in Florida,” she said. “Stay where you are. They’re doing a great job in Florida.” She gave DeSantis some advice: “Don’t rush. You’re not ready yet.”

Midterm in the United States: Biden wants to stick to climate policy

+++ 3 pm: On the day of Congressional elections in the United States, US Climate Commissioner John Kerry assured that President Joe Biden would stick to his climate policy regardless of the midterm election outcome. Biden is “more determined than ever” to continue his climate protection course, Kerry said Tuesday at the United Nations climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, even if his Democrats lose their majority in both houses of Congress. . After all, progressive global warming is a “challenge that mankind has not experienced before,” Kerry said.

“The climate crisis not only threatens our infrastructure, economy and security – it threatens every single aspect of our daily lives.” Third World, to the South. So his country wants to contribute to the equitable, climate-friendly reorganization of these states.

Mid-term: Multiple lawsuits from both sides

+++ 1.30 PM: Again Guardians According to the report, Republicans have already filed more than a hundred lawsuits for not trusting voting machines. In Arizona, a judge blocked the manual counting of the early voting. The Left has also complained about the election. For example, in Texas, the civil rights organization NAACP has filed complaints against white polling station workers in Beaumont County, such as Faiz informed of. Blacks are said to have been barred from voting there, or were said to be monitored at the time of voting.

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Midterm: Midterm elections have begun in the United States

+++ at 12.10 pm: Midterm congressional elections have begun in the United States. The first polling station on the US East Coast opened early Tuesday (local time). President Joe Biden’s Democrats are at risk of losing a majority in both houses of Congress in a midterm election. According to the American Election Project, more than 44 million voters have already voted. More than 24 million voters took advantage of the postal vote, while nearly 20 million citizens took advantage of the opportunity to vote on the site ahead of the election date.

Midterm: Trump plans to impeach Biden with Republicans

+++ at 11.30 am: Forecasts for the medium term are extremely difficult, and public opinion research in the United States is clearly in despair. Many experts agree.

+++ at 10.45 am: According to a report in the magazine Rolling stone Donald Trump is in talks with Republican Party leaders shortly before the start of the midterms. It aims to explore ways to remove incumbent President Joe Biden before the end of his term and before the 2024 US election. To do so, Republicans must first secure a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives. according to Rolling stoneThe report repeatedly asked during these talks “how often” Republicans are planning to impeach Joe Biden. The former president is of the opinion that Biden should be removed from office. At the same time, however, Trump is said to be concerned about the image it throws at him and the extent to which Biden’s impeachment could jeopardize his own political goals.

Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Miami on November 6.

© Jennifer Lett / USA Today Network / Imago Images

+++ 09.00 AM: “Putin’s cooks” have in the past admitted to interfering in US elections. A White House spokeswoman responded with a mid-term assessment.

+++ 07.45 am: Former US President Donald Trump continues to incite supporters against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ahead of midterm in the US, even after her husband was injured in an attack on her home. During the election campaign in Ohio, Trump called the 82-year-old a ‘beast’. As justification, he cited two impeachment proceedings against him that were initiated by Democrats in the House of Representatives during his presidency. They failed because of Republicans in the Senate.

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Mid-term 2022: Donald Trump “makes a big announcement”

Update from November 8th, 6:25am: Donald Trump has announced an important statement for the coming week – and is fueling speculation that he wants to run for president again. 15, he will make a “huge announcement” at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida state, Trump said Monday evening (local time) at a rally in Ohio state on Tuesday’s upcoming congress and governor. America Elections in the United States. Before Trump’s arrival in Ohio, there was speculation that he might use the occasion to announce his candidacy for the presidency in two years. But then it did not happen.

Midterms USA: Trump may “announce his candidacy tonight”

+++ at 11.45 pm: Other Republicans are commenting on Donald Trump’s possible candidacy in 2024 before the midterms. Shortly before the final campaign rally in Ohio, Greene was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting. When moderator Brian Glenn said of Trump that Republicans were “part of him,” Greene replied, “Absolutely, it’s clear and obvious. President Trump is the people’s choice. We elected him in 2016, we elected him in 2020.” Chosen again and we will elect them in 2024.

+++ 10:16 PM: In Ohio, Donald Trump’s presence will be in Vandalia, a suburb of the city of Dayton. Hundreds of his followers gathered there just hours before the program started. Whether Trump actually announces his candidacy for 2024 a day before the midterm is “not yet set in stone,” he said. CNN—Reporter Kristen Holmes, reporting from Vandalia. However, Ohio has always been a state in which Trump’s team would like to announce his candidacy. The former president won a traditionally competitive swing state in both 2016 and 2020.

Midterm: Rumors about Donald Trump divide Republicans

+++ Update, 9:33 p.m.: Rumors of an announcement by Donald Trump a day before the midterms triggered mixed feelings among Republicans. According to Jonathan Swann of the news portal Axios, party leaders will closely monitor Trump’s presence in Ohio. Representative Matt Gaetz tweeted that Trump should announce his candidacy “later tonight.” Kellyanne Conway, a former Trump adviser, advised him not to talk about the 2024 election until next year.

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Trump himself said in Miami (Florida) on Sunday about possible candidacy ahead: “To make our country successful, safe and proud, I might have to do it all over again. Stay in the great state of Ohio last night.” stay tuned.”

Midterm in the United States: Donald Trump is planning an announcement ahead of the election

First report from 7 November 2022: WASHINGTON, DC – While half the world awaits the midterm in the United States, one man is said to be looking ahead: according to information from a US news channel, Donald Trump should CNN is about to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. “Tonight, the evening before the election,” the former president plans to take.

In the final sprint before the midterm on Tuesday, Donald Trump will appear again on Monday in the US state of Ohio. There he would endorse the Republican nominee for Senate J.D. Vance. Vance is well ahead of his Democratic challenger Tim Ryan in the midterm elections.

Midterm in the United States: Donald Trump seeks praise

After Iowa, Pennsylvania and Florida, Ohio is Trump’s last stop in his midterm campaign. But the former president created a ruckus at his stations CNN— Host John King “spent more time talking about himself than the candidates on the ballot.” He repeatedly reminded his party friends of his influence in the party, warning potential opponents of his own rank, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The broadcaster now has information that Donald Trump wants to announce his candidacy in Ohio. “Why the day before the election?” The king again asked his guests. Journalist Dana Bash replied, “He’s dying to go out there and make it official.” Trump has two main reasons for this. “He wants to get fame and ride the wave.” The second reason is that he has many contestants in his own party. In addition to DeSantis, it will also feature Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence.

Midterm in the United States: Donald Trump and the Republicans for Sure

Midterm polls suggest Republicans will have reason to debate profits after Tuesday. The “Grand Old Party” (GOP) is clearly ahead in the House of Representatives and also a favorite in the Senate race. (dil/ktho with dpa/AFP)

Rubric List Image: © Jennifer Lett / USA Today Network / Imago Images

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