Warmest October in Europe on record

Warmest October in Europe on record

Updated on 11/08/2022 2:07 PM

  • Europe has already experienced record summer heat.
  • In October, temperatures were again well above the reference period average.

More about the climate crisis

After the scorching summer, Europe This year also had the warmest October since records began. The European Union’s climate change service Copernicus announced this on Tuesday.

Accordingly, the mean temperature was about two degrees above the average for the reference period from 1991 to 2020. Daily records were set in the west of the continent. Nationally, no such warm Octobers have been measured in Austria, Switzerland and France, the same applies to large parts of Italy and Spain.

record temperature in canada

even outside Europe October 2022 was warmer than average, with record temperatures measured in Canada. It was also unusually mild in Greenland and Siberia. On the other hand, it was cooler than average in Australia, the extreme east of Russia, and parts of Antarctica.

Arctic sea ice extent was nine percent below average, but still significantly larger than the year of the negative record for 2020. Sea ice cover in Antarctica was 4 percent below average, previously the smallest in just four other years.

Copernicus deputy director: “COP27 requires ambitious climate measures”

In keeping with the values, Copernicus Deputy Director Samantha Burgess called for decisive action at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27, which is currently taking place in Egypt. “The serious consequences of climate change are very visible today and we need ambitious climate action at COP27 to ensure that temperatures are stabilized close to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the goal of the Paris Agreement,” Burgess said in a notification. reduce emissions.”

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Copernicus records date back to 1979. The Climate Change Service also uses data from ground stations, balloons, airplanes and satellites going back to the 1950s. Data on temperature, sea ice cover and other aspects are published monthly using computer analysis. (SBI/DPA)

The climate crisis has a direct impact not only on the weather, but also on our health. In an empirical study, University of Hawaii researchers have now found that more than half of all diseases caused by pathogens may be made worse by climate change.

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