“Suddenly Second Row”: Is Maren Wolf Pregnant Again?

"Suddenly Second Row": Is Maren Wolf Pregnant Again?

Will there be any sweet news in the Wolf family to announce soon? YouTuber Maran Wolf (29) and her husband Tobias have been proud parents of their son for a while lian river (1). Together baby number two Both don’t want to rush into anything, but they also don’t want to wait too long. Can this wish be fulfilled now? maren Been waiting for her period for a few days now and have taken two pregnancy tests!

At lunchtime on Friday, the 29-year-old shocked her fans with the shocking news instagram-Story. On a picture of herself with a negative pregnancy test, she wrote: “That’s how my morning started. I’m still looking forward to my days.” But just a few hours later, the beauty almost fell into disbelief after taking another test…

“I’m a little confused. The test was negative. I haven’t even days and suddenly, after 30 minutes, there was a second line on the test”She commented on a photo of two pregnancy tests. And in fact, upon closer inspection, fans can easily see a tiny line on the test. So is Lynne going to have a sibling anytime soon?

Tobias and Maran Wolf, YouTuber
maren wolf pregnancy test
Tobias and Maran Wolf in August 2021
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