Shark Attack in America: Bitten at Grandma’s Hand | news

Shark Attack in America: Bitten at Grandma's Hand |  news

Karen Sites had been planning a beach vacation with her grandson Brian (8) on Myrtle Beach (US State of South Carolina) for more than a year – but the family suffered a setback on day one.

Karen Sites was waist-deep in the water when she was suddenly bitten on her arm by a shark. Especially bitter: grandson Brian was only three meters behind him and he had to see everything.

“I didn’t see the shark coming. I only saw it jump up and didn’t even bite all the way. He screamed a little and when he touched it he fell into the water,” Brian Sites told local news site WPDE on Thursday.

The wound on the hand had to be stitched up with more than a hundred stitches.

Photo: Camille Gayle / WPDE

Grandma Karen didn’t even see the shark coming: “I just noticed something is biting me and suddenly this shark came on my arm. I kept pushing it away until I let it go.” What was left was There was a bleeding wound that required hundreds of stitches at the local hospital.

The lady from Philadelphia (US state of Pennsylvania) still does not want to spoil her vacation. According to “WPDE” as soon as her wounds have healed, she wants to go back to the beach.

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