Google announces rollout of Android 12 update

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First bugfix update in progress

On August 15, Google officially started rolling out Android 13. However, some users quickly pointed out that they were offered Android 12 instead. Now Google has commented on this matter.

since this week Google Pixel (Review: Pixel 6 Pro) users Android 13 Download and install. The update is available for all Pixel 4, 5 and 6 series devices and brings some new features. However, the launch of the new operating system was not going very smoothly. Some users were surprised when taking a look at the update settings: instead Android 13 He was offered Android 12 for re-installation.

It wasn’t about a typo, because after the round 2 GB big update The devices continued to run Android 12. This sparked rapid speculation in the related Reddit forums. Among other things, it was speculated that this was a preparation for the actual update. in one Statement opposite of site Now Google has commented on this.

You get an upgrade with Android 13 (Image: Google)

Accordingly, this is not an accidentally delivered update, but a bug fix update For older Android 12 versions. However, the manufacturer admits that the communication, especially regarding the simultaneous Android 13 rollout, was unfortunate. In the meantime, the Android update comes as follows security patch Distributed to affected devices to provide clarity. The update to Android 13 will be made freely available and should reach all devices in the near future.

Android 13 is not free from problems

Unfortunately, Android 13 launch is still not free from errors. according to a reddit post There are problems with Widevine certification after the update. Pixel 6a should be like this Widevine L1 Support Lost, meaning playback of HD and HDR content is no longer possible. In addition, there are problems with universal search Pixel Launcher. as 9to5google reported that it runs on Android 13 on Pixel 4a, 6, 6 Pro and . works on 6a not anymore. The bug has been officially confirmed and a fix is ​​currently being worked on.

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It should also be noted that it is not possible to go back to Android 12 after the update. is responsible for a bootloader update, which enhances the anti-rollback version. It actively prevents flashing of older operating systems. Only Pixel 6 series devices are affected.

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