Hogwarts Legacy announces release date with postponement

Hogwarts Legacy announces release date with postponement

Hogwarts Legacy has a release date, but it’s no longer 2022.

Harry Potter fans have long been waiting for Hogwarts Legacy’s release date, instead just short teasers here and there. Now the cat is finally out of the bag, but there is good news as well as bad news.

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Hogwarts Legacy is no longer coming out this year

The creators of Hogwarts Legacy finally announced the game’s release date via Twitter. bad news? Contrary to what was said earlier, the game will no longer be released in the winter of 2022. The good news is that we now know when to start:

  • When is Hogwarts Legacy coming? on 10 February 2023

The only reason for the postponement is that while they are excited for fans to be able to play soon, they need a little more time to give them the best possible experience.

link to twitter content

Switch version yet to come: Hogwarts Legacy will also be released for the Nintendo Switch, but only at a later date. The team is looking to announce “soon” exactly when it will be released for Switch.

To keep you away until the release, there’s plenty of gameplay to revisit:

Hogwarts Legacy: 14 minutes of magical role-playing gameplay


Hogwarts Legacy: 14 minutes of magical role-playing gameplay

More Hogwarts Legacy news:

Finally, we have a solid release date for Hogwarts Legacy, even if we have to wait a little longer than we expected for the game. You can read all the important information until then about the gameplay, open world, and story in our dedicated Hub article.

After being silent on Hogwarts Legacy for so long, did you see the postponement coming?

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