Google service has now been terminated – users rage about data loss

Google service has now been terminated - users rage about data loss

The Google service will be discontinued soon and will delete all user data.

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Internet giant Google’s service “Google Play Music” will be terminated. Whoever has been a user of the music app before, must hurry – otherwise all the data and music will be gone forever.

North Rhine-Westphalia – mid-2020 Google Already announced that the proposal “Google play music“Has been abolished. Now it is getting serious for the users. You should hurry before all the music is gone.

slip away Google play music
Publication 16. November 2011
Platform Android, Android TV, iOS, Web Browser

Warning to users: Google service deletes data – offer will be replaced with “Youtube Music”

Google is now warning users “Google play musicIn an email All data and music Safe as soon as possible. Because they should not be available soon and Completely removed Will. This service is from Google since December 2020 No longer usable.

According to the information provided in the email, Play Google Play Music “-Nutzar still Until 24 February Time – a good two weeks – to save everything. Which includes the whole music library, All uploads and purchases. But the rest of the data related to an account must also be Google Clear.

Google service will be terminated: warning users – users angry about lost data

But why save data? The Music offering from “Google Play Music” soon “Youtube Music“Accepted. Google data export Therefore users should be able to transfer their data to the new provider.

Serve “Google play music“Posted in 2011 and is in Google play store It currently has over 5 million downloads. On Smartphones with Android operating system The application was already preinstalled by default. You can use either app free Use, or stream more songs with a subscription above and without restrictions.

Warning to users: the Google service will be terminated – users think it’s “absolute cheek”!

However, the ratings look poor – The Music app Gets only 3.3 out of 5 stars. Still it seems that the move is more likely to result in poor grading Youtube Lie (all) News about digital On

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A user frees his anger with the new “Youtube Music” app: “What does this mean?” Youtube Music The last is scrap. Everything I bought here will be there advertisement Interrupted! Can do my playlist Didn’t play. I have to manually go through a song. An absolute Cheeks

Google service terminated: “This was the best app” – Offer has been replaced by “Youtube Music”

Others, in turn, are also very happy with it Music app Thea: “It was the best app I knew and now everything is over?” I liked this app very much, it was of good quality and you can listen to the songs even if you turn off your phone, I thought that is the best thing about it. “Other previous users of the music app also complain that the songs have been transferred.”Google play music“For new provider”Youtube Music“Will not work.

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Currently “Google Play Music” not only has changes. Messenger giant WhatsApp will soon change its terms and conditions. However, users have to be careful.

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