“Let’s Dance” star Evgeny Vinokurov: surprising words about Joachim Lambik

"Let's Dance" star Evgeny Vinokurov: surprising words about Joachim Lambik

Friday, May 20th, that time is again: the finale of the 15th”let’s Dance“-The Season Happens. Three Celebrities Janine Ullman (40), Mathias Meester (35) and René Caselli (25) fought against stars like Amira Pocher (29), mike singer (22) and Hardy Kruger Jr., (54) won and is the finalist of the dance show this year. 2022. was also involved Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (21) With your dance partner Evgeny Vinokurov (31), but surprisingly both had to leave the RTL dance show in the second live show. Reason: Unfortunately viewership. But even the enthusiasm of perhaps the strictest juror of “Let’s Dance” – Joachim Lambi – was limited. He gave the couple only four points for their Latin American dance. Frustration with a professional dancer because of that? On the contrary: in an interview with “OKmag.de” he now admits: “I think we need such Joachim Long.”

In the video you can find out why Kerstin Ott accused Joachim Lambie of being a bully!

Kerstin Ott: He Llambi. demanded from “Let’s Dance”

Joachim Lambi is often criticized for his lewd talk. Just a few weeks ago, pop singer Kerstin Ott, who took part in the show in 2019 and wrote television history at the time, asked because she Danced as the first participant of the format with a professional dancer, The expulsion of the 54-year-old. The interpreter of “The Always Laughs” gushed about his time in “Let’s Dance” on the podcast “But Please with Schlager” and heavily criticized Joachim Lambi in particular. She makes it clear that she has always understood and gladly accepted criticism of her dance style, but “there are a sentence or two that get too personal then. You really have to say: ‘Guys, we Know it but now all is better.’ We know it may not be good for a person’s health,” explains the 40-year-old. She goes even further and even accuses Joachim Lambie of bullying: “I guess what’s happening there jury-wise it’s also bullying,

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“Let’s Dance” Star Evgeny Vinokurov About Joachim Lambi: “I Like That”

This is what professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov, who has been flying on the dance floor with different stars for three seasons, can accept and accept the assessment of three jury members. motsi mabuse (40), Joachim Lambi and Jorge Gonzalez (54) Had to ask, so don’t sign. In interviews with the online magazine, he also admitted: “I like him”.

Joachim Lambi: professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov would not like to do without him

Because the “Let’s Dance” judge and the dancer have known each other for a long time, as Evgeny tells “okmag.d”. He also says of tough judges: “He has a very strong personality and is polarizing, which I think is good”. This is why he thinks the show shouldn’t go on without Joachim Lamby: “I think we need such Joachim Lambi,” he clarifies. “I think he understands exactly what, when and how to say something.”

It is clear that not everyone agrees with him :also Professional dancer Ona Nechiti (34) Lambie and her husband Erich Klan (34) repeatedly buttoned their podcast “Tanz oder Nich” (Tanz or not at all) and the audience was always criticized. The Chief Justice himself always defends his statements. Recently he clarified in an RTL interview: “I always want good things. I want them to improve. But sometimes you have to speak clearly so couples understand what it’s about”.

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