Isn’t Princess Charlene of Monaco going back to the palace?

Isn't Princess Charlene of Monaco going back to the palace?

After more than half a year in South Africa, Princess Charlene is in Monaco with her family this week ReturnWashed away. But apparently it will not be the same as before.

Saturn for medical reasons first charlene She was stuck in her home country South Africa for months. Then recently the news came that she can start the return journey soon. So she boarded the plane in Durban, South Africa on Sunday evening and was able to meet her husband on Monday morning, Prince Albert As well as embracing two children together in front of the palace in Monte-Carlo. But it may not go there for some time.

“Everyone must find their way first”

This is reported by the British Daily Mail, citing Princess Charlene’s sister-in-law, Chantel Wittstock. As a result, there is a possibility that the 43-year-old will move to an apartment above an old chocolate factory instead of her husband and two children, prinz jacques And princess gabriellaTo live in the palace. Before moving to South Africa, she lived in a two-room apartment 300 meters from Princely House. According to the paper Chantal Wittstock said: “It is not yet clear where she will settle. She has just returned, so everyone has to find their way out first.”

She is overjoyed to have her children again, and the twins are overjoyed that their mother is back with them. “We will see where she will settle down. But it will be with her husband and children,” Wittstock continued – but it is possible that she will not be with them round the clock.

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Furthermore, the report states that Charlene will probably not resume her royal duties immediately. According to Wittstock, the return to the official part of royal existence, which is responsible for the PR of Charlene’s charity, depends on how quickly she fully recovered from her illness. Wittstock continues: “She will definitely take it easy. And yes, at this point her main focus will be on spending time with her kids and her family.”

Why is Charlene gone for so long?

Charlene originally traveled to South Africa in the first half of 2021 to support the fight against rhino poaching. To do this, she visited a nature reserve, where rhinos are removed to protect them from predators. A little later it was said that an oral surgery performed before her trip had delayed her return to Monaco. Because while flying at high altitude, it is not able to compensate for the pressure in the ears. In South Africa, he also had to undergo several operations in the ear, nose and throat area.

The fact that the princess lived in South Africa for so long has fueled speculation about a possible separation from Prince Albert. However, Charlene repeatedly protested in interviews about how much she missed her husband and six-year-olds. As per the latest reports, the rumors of marital crisis may rise again.

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