“Who Cares?”: Stephanie Geisinger Shows Her Lady’s Beard

"Who Cares?": Stephanie Geisinger Shows Her Lady's Beard

“Who cares?”
Stephanie Geisinger shows off her female beard

Many women are ashamed of their facial hair. Stephanie Geisinger now shows in a series of selfies on Instagram that this is completely normal. In addition to her “ladies beard” and her “monobrow,” she also shares reactions to it.

Model and influencer Stephanie Geisinger stands with short hair on her face. she does with his recent Instagram stories Obvious. “She has the beard of a woman, the hair of the nose, the grown-up nails,” she writes, along with her face and a finger. “But the main thing is the gems,” adds the former “Germany’s Next Top Model” winner to his German-English mix. By gems he refers to the tiny sparkling stones that stick to his dog’s teeth.

(Photo: Instagram/StephanieGisinger)

In the next photo, she shows off a slightly larger part of her face and in the comments draws attention to “monobrows,” i.e. eyebrows that have grown closer together. She then writes in a confident “Who cares?” (“Who cares?”) And then the more suggestive sentence: “That girl who was bullied at school because of these things.”

The third photo featured a smiling Stephanie Geisinger, addressing her followers directly: “So to my sweetheart with more body and facial hair: You’re beautiful! Don’t let anything else convince you.”

Dirty and enthusiastic responses

With this, at the latest, she has a crowd of 4.3 million on her hook. And so the title of his next story is “Meanwhile in my mailbox…”. In this photo, Geisinger showed nasty reactions to his post, including a “disgusting” (“disgusting”) comment. “It’s totally okay to model ‘Hey, look like a prostitute’s daughter’,” the man continues.

But the positive feedback part starts a story further, as the model apparently spoke to several people. “Read your messages all the time and I literally have tears in my eyes!” Geisinger says. The thing that really makes her cry are sentences like this: “Thanks Steffi, for your reality, I made up my mind about it as a teenager because there was no one who said it was totally normal and was okay.”

Another follower gets very excited and writes: “Omg, thanks for posting this I have all of this and it’s quite the insecurities on my part, I think it’s great you’re posting this Thank you!!!” And another commented: “I wish someone told my 16 year old – thanks for sharing girl.”

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