“Lion’s Lair”: Combine two “part-time lion” packs

"Lion's Lair": Combine two "part-time lion" packs

“The Lions Den”
Combine the two “part-time Lions” packs

by Kai Butterwake

This time, two former founders are sitting in investor chairs at Löwenhole. The two “Ankrakrat” owners Anne and Stephen didn’t come just to watch. More than once, they show established lions a long nose.

Premiere at Löwenhole: For the first time in the format’s history, the founders became investors. In 2016, “Ankrakrat” managers Anne and Stefan were still fighting for a deal themselves. Five years later, the two transformed a flavor factory into a multimillion-dollar company. As the “guest lions”, Anne and Stephen no longer only want to be seen, they also desperately want to participate: “We don’t let the butter out of our bread here,” Anne told the first start-up founders’ march. last state. .

“You’re like us then!”

It’s not too late for them to come. Filip Mirzawa and Simon Koestler (“STUR”) two pan experts from Berlin don’t want to let anything burn. Philip and Simon get a lot of accolades with their impressive cast iron pan makeovers. Stephen in particular is amazed by the performance of the two young founders: “You’re like us then!” “Ankrakrat” praised the boss.

In the end, there are three proposals on the table (Anne and Stefan, Dagmar Vohrl, Georg Köffler), but unfortunately none of them make a deal, as one cannot agree on the transfer of the company’s shares.

Sports-loving anti-motivation rage Etienne Petermann, Richard Schutz and Jacob Vowey from Dresden (“Movea”) and Berlin couple Dave and Alina Bassi (“Cledley”), who care about environmental protection at large, are also becoming a cause. There are stir in the Lion Cave with their impressive performance but here too, the founders fail because either the company is given too much importance, or because of lack of focus.

joyful faces and dreamy confetti rain

Ralph Dummel lacked insight this time – he came up empty handed.

(Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

In addition to three impressive pitch exclamation marks that ultimately don’t lead to the goal, there are two other founding appearances that end with cheering faces and dreamy confetti rain. It is this appearance in which the “part-time lions” (original quote George Köffler) are present that bring themselves to the limelight.

On the pitch of Asmir Samarczyk and Branca Puljic, two deodorant tinkerers from Vienna (“Holy Pit”), three investor parties enthusiastically jump out of their chairs. A permanent, odorless-happy guarantee also looks very appealing to social media guru George Koffler, shelf king Ralph Dummel and two “ankerkraut” guests Anne and Stephen. The latter tries to score at the top of the individual level – with success.

Ain’t no herb against Anne and Stephen

While Big Cats and hundreds of employees, established with decades of experience, go into the negotiation battle, Anne and Stephan pull the trump card There is no herb against him here and today. Both deodorant fans Asmir and Branca as well as batter duo Marlon Harms and Wayne Kok (“Veggie Crumbs”) rely in the abilities of two “anchorkraut” hanging signs.

In the end, they’re as happy as two f—young kickers after a first successful one-two. Ralph Dummel, on the other hand, doesn’t like partying at all. More than a contradiction in “Congratulations!” The success-spoiled DS Boss doesn’t go to the lips. “I guess Ralph doesn’t like us anymore,” Stephen whispers in Anne’s ear. Oh well, Ralph will get well soon. Next week, the reigning monarch is guaranteed to strike the deal again.

“Die Hohle der Löwen” plays every Monday at 8.15 pm on Vox. The program will be repeated on NTV on Sundays at 3.10 pm. Besides, it’s all the time Available on TVNOW. You can also find out more about the program vox.de. Feather.

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