First Night at Promi BB: Mimi is already thinking of giving up!

First Night at Promi BB: Mimi is already thinking of giving up!

Is promi big brother too violent for Michelle Gvozzazz? despised Single– the winner is one of them first candidateThose who have just got into the reality TV format: there they should expect eleven opponents in a confined space, lots of cameras and only the most necessary equipment for life. before nico grisserto (30) already knew what to expect: Still, Mimi was completely overwhelmed by Celebrity Bibi’s circumstances – and was even thinking of giving up!

As the office clerk held back from the other residents and barely uttered a word, the others finally confronted him: “Have you not given up yet?” – His honest, if surprising answer: “Yes”. Mimi continued, the victim: “Everything” would bother her. “Not that I imagined it here.” What seems particularly troublesome to you: the condition of the bed and the lack of daylight! “If there was at least a terrace where you could sit…”

But what do others have to say about Mimi’s early resignation? “I Don’t Know If It’s The Right Show For Her If She’s Screaming After 24 Hours”taunt east on the beach-Star Eric Sinderman (33) In the counseling room. in star clairvoyants Daniel Krebich On the other hand, Mimi’s helplessness exposes her protective instincts: “I try to hold her by a little hand and help her. Let’s see if I can pamper her,” claims the 37-year-old.

While Mimi’s negative vibrations in the “Celebrity Big Brother” space station trigger mixed feelings, viewers agree: They’re already totally annoyed with the rose lady! “mm lives up to its name: mmmm…”handjob prick Twitter– User during broadcast. “Mimi is as bad as she is with The Bachelor. Yeah, didn’t you ever see it?”, another wonders.

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Mimi Gwozdz, “Celebrity Big Brother” resident
Michelle Gvoicz and Nico Grizart on “The Bachelor”
Mimi Gvocz, Candidate for “The Bachelor” 2021
Michelle Gwasz on “The Bachelor”
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