Oliver Pocher “Grill den Hensler” – and sets himself apart

Oliver Pocher "Grill den Hensler" - and sets himself apart

With “Grill den Hensler”, Oliver Pocher was less specialized in cooking than faxing.Image: Screenshot / Vox

The most chaotic version of “Grill den Hensler” ever took place on Sunday. requirements for cook were anything but cheap: it was 40 degrees in the shooting location Magdeburg and the candidates Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxi, Patrick Essum and Oliver Pocher Star Chef Stephen Hensler was to compete on the grill. Kitchen helpers powered by electricity were forbidden.

Ollie Pochar, who should be known for making odd TV appearances, did a better job on the Vox show. When it was her turn to prepare the dessert, you had to worry about her Health anxiety. Even before the broadcast, it became known that he blew a load of baking powder through his nose for a coke gag and paramedics had to arrive. but that’s not all. Meanwhile, Stephen Hensler felt sorry for her, kept asking if all was well with her and offered her help.

Oliver Pocher should have regretted at least one of his jokes that evening.

Oliver Pocher should have regretted at least one of his jokes that evening.Image: RTL / Frank W Hempel

Pocher stands out on the Vox show with inappropriate jokes

But first things first: Presenter Laura Vontora first explained to the audience live on the Lake Magdeburg stage that Poacher had already ended her family leave for the show. The comedian’s response should set the ranks of the joke for the entire evening:

“I had the choice: either try to fly back with Condor with four kids or chill in Magdeburg. So here I am, of course. What should I do there? Here’s the holiday.”

Stefan Hensler competed against Oliver Pocher, Princess Gloria and Patrick Essum.

Stefan Hensler competed against Oliver Pocher, Princess Gloria and Patrick Essum.Image: RTL / Frank W Hempel

As if Vontora had already noted to the point that Poacher would blow up the show, she warned him: “Oli, but have a little treat today, yes? We have great visitors, so I’ll keep you under control a little bit.” Then the 44-year-old could only laugh.

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During the improv course (chicken, lamb chops and minced beef), in which all participants cook together, the next gags followed: “I’ll pack what’s left today,” Pocher said. He joked that with the crowd of children he has to take care of, he desperately needs it. And other props also came into focus. His comment on the wooden sign: “I’ll take the wood with me because we don’t have any more gas in the winter.” Silent laughter from the audience followed.

Comedian insults live audience in “Grill den Hensler”

Next to cook was American football coach Patrick Essum. He explained to Vontora that he accompanied her to Hensler’s restaurant every Friday. family drive. When asked how he could afford it, he allowed himself to take a dig at Pochar:

“I did it like Ollie Poacher, I hired myself as a media slut and then it works.”

“It’s bullying and I’m the victim here, but that’s it,” thought the moderator then. He quickly turned to Hensler again – after all, he had a huge account balance due to the sales of his books. He then presented the head chef with one of his bestsellers with dedication.

Cooking took Oliver Pocher a back seat.

Cooking took Oliver Pocher a back seat. Image: RTL / Frank W Hempel

However, he immediately gave it to a woman in the audience. Dirty jokes should not be missed: “26.90 euros, he is in Ostmark … I do not know.” And then he asked the group: “Still who can read?” Only then find the viewer to whom he entrusted the book. He thought of her with this sentence: “You’re wearing shorts like that, you look like you can’t afford things.”

During further studio games, Poacher rolled onto the floor, interrupting the other guests and continuing to try his best to play. Jokes to keep. To the quiz question: “True or false? Dishwashers have been around for over 100 years,” they answered: “You can women Don’t mention it these days.”

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Coach Esume repeatedly tried to retaliate. When Poacher dropped two cell phones out of his trouser pockets, he quickly remarked: “Luckily he didn’t have two testicles” Actually, one might have feared that later when Poacher took off his shirt while cooking and lasted till the end of the show.

Coke gag awakens pity from Hensler

When he teased Countess Gloria and persuaded her to marry him and he was pleased with the title “Prince Pocher”, it was his turn to make sweets. It was Gorgonzola with Pears. The entertainer finally felt the chance to be the center of attention alone, read his recipe out loud and quickly tossed everything into a bowl. The highlight of their one-person event and the provisional entourage joke.

Vontora then ran to Hensler’s cooking station: “He pulled baking powder through his nose, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” The cook agreed with him: “Is it going so bad for him? He’s official. It’s still fermenting. How can he smell the baking powder? It’s obvious what’s going on then.”

Laura Vontora and Stefan Hensler try to placate Oliver Pocher (center).

Laura Vontora and Stefan Hensler try to placate Oliver Pocher (center).Image: RTL / Frank W Hempel

After Pochar complained of watery eyes, dizziness and nausea, the presenter pulled the rip cord and paramedics arrived. “Oh, poacher. It’s always good to be surprised”he said with a tired smile.

Shortly after Poacher was working properly again, the next incident: he cut his thumb while slicing a pear. “I’m Bleeding Like Hell”Pochar said with a sore face. Vontora then turned to his wife, who may have even seen the show:

Henssler checks out Pocher’s grill: “It’s not like you’ll burn yourself either. If you want me to help you, you’ll tell me, okay?”He also made the offer, which the candidate politely declined.

Even a star chef makes lewd jokes

But even Hensler didn’t hold back from the show when it came to inappropriate humour. so must miss Germany Tatjana of Magdeburg helped the cook from time to time in cooking. His actual show intern Hawn got big eyes: “Can she do it?” he asked jealously. Then Hensler: “I’ll tell you tomorrow morning.”

Addressing Tatjana, Hensler finally said: “I’ll set you up with Havan, but it’s too early for him, he’s not mature enough.” Hovhan then said, “Yeah, yes, yes, for him, for sure.” On the other hand, Tatjana did not get a chance to say anything about this. She was only allowed to explain that she was in fact unmarried.

Rainer Calmond Pocher chooses the dessert in pieces

In the end, however, the culinary aspect also played a part in “Grill den Hensler”, although not necessarily positive. Gourmet Rainer Calmond didn’t like Poacher’s dish at all:

“If someone brings it to my table, I’ll throw it behind them. Is it considered sweet?”

He was upset with cottage cheese with fruit, it suits him Opinion Just after not being together. Eventually, he evaluated the craft of cooking, so that some of the points came together.

In the end it was not enough for the candidates, Hensler won by a clear point margin. Whether that was entirely due to Poacher remains to be discussed. But at least he won’t be visiting Hensler anytime soon.


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