“Summer Home of the Stars” – Lars and Dominic Win! – TV

"Summer Home of the Stars" - Lars and Dominic Win!  - TV

Everyone is eagerly waiting for this day…

In “Summer House of the Stars”, the last residents waited for the finale. In the end, the winning couple can look forward to a rich windfall of €50,000. But before that happened, the candidates literally rang alarm bells. An incident long paralyzed their domicile in the quiet Bochholt-Barlow.

It just got so comfortable. Mike Seuss-Monblijn (34) and his wife, “Tatorte” star Michelle Monblijn (42), were almost at home after standing out from the crowd for a long time. Only TV expats Peggy (45) and Steph (54) had something to fight for. In the last game he gave the title “little, ugly horse” to his wife. Now Steph tries to limit the damage, insisting: “It doesn’t mean anything bad. She’s just beautiful.”

Peggy and Steph take third placePhoto: RTL / Various Images

In the evening the couple sat together again. Lars (35) and Dominic (31) expressed their acne at each other. Ben (34) and Sissy (25) indulge in memories of “summer house”. Only in the next game do you become the opponent again. Couples should keep as many stones as possible between their hands. The stack was not allowed to collapse for 30 seconds at the end. Peggy and Steph could not do this and were the first pair to be eliminated from the race. The third-place finisher took it sporty, was looking forward to home and especially to her baby.

A minor incident occurred due to boredom before the next match. CC discovered a green box under the “emergency exit” sign on the door. Suddenly she wanted to know from Lars: “Is it even outside?” The actor jumped, jolted the box and exploded, the alarm went off. A loud siren rang in the house. While Sissi laughed frantically, Lars shouted desperately: “Sorry, I’m an idiot!” His friend Dominic was really angry. The flight attendant scolded: “You’re the guest on the plane that opens the emergency exit!”

Nobody knew what to do. Everyone just covered their ears. Finally, Lars is again allowed a key to close the emergency exit. The alarm finally went off. So the last two pairings were ready for the final game. First of all, a piece of wood should be cut from the trunk of a tree. This triggered a mechanism that traced a ball that had to be carried through a maze on a wooden plate to its target. The fastest pair wins.

Ben and Sissy came empty handed

Ben and Sissy came empty handedPhoto: RTL / Various Images

Ben and Sissy were already finding it difficult to see. He continued to warn her: “Dear, calm down! not by force. “But all of this was to no avail. His opponents simply had better technique. Lars and Dominic also displayed a calm hand while maneuvering the ball. They were able to hit the buzzer by a large margin thus clearing the win and 50,000 euros.

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