“Masked Dancer” on ProSieben: How Do You Recognize Celebrities by Their Hip Swing? – TV

"Masked Dancer" on ProSieben: How Do You Recognize Celebrities by Their Hip Swing?  - TV

Would you recognize someone you know only by the swing of their hips? Even…

But that’s exactly what the new ProSieben show “Masked Dancer” sets up its mentoring team and audience for.

The “Masked Singer” spin-off will debut on TV today (January 6 at 8:15 p.m.) and is in the works similar to “Big Brother”—though the participating celebrities dance here, there’s no singing No. BILD explains how the new show works.


When “Masked Dancer” starts on Thursday, the background alone will be reminiscent of “Masked Singer”. Because seven celebrities (five costumes are already known, two will be unveiled on Thursday evening) are dancing in the same Cologne studio.

However, unlike successful models, you will not listen to candidates. When they speak, they are only in a disguised tone. So the leading guessing team and the audience have to recognize the performer only by the swing of their hips.

At the end of each episode, a star is removed and exposed. Just like with “Masked Singer”.

mentoring team

Alexander Close (left) and Steven Gatzen give advice on “Masked Dancer”Photo: ProSieben / DPA

The mentoring team also differs from the role model. Instead of Ruth Moschner and Ree Garvey, Alexander Close (as “Mulli Muller” won the last “Masked Singer” season), presenter Steven Gatgen and another female guest each surprised.

Clause says: “I’m really curious to know the other side now. I know from my own experience how it goes backstage. It helps if you can feel what’s going on under the mask.” But I won’t rest there either – guessing I’ll be sore.”


Mathias Opdenhovel already

Mathias Opdenhovel has already moderated “Masked Singer”, now also “Masked Dancer”.Photo: ProSieben / DPA

When it comes to the moderators, everything remains the same when compared to “Masked Singer” – both shows are moderated by Mathias Opdenhovel. Along with the original, he is one of the few “starters”. So he knows who is under the mask.

Opdenhövel says of the new show: “It no longer requires hearing, but eye. Of course, this means a whole new challenge to guessing.”

new masks

Monkey from “The Masked Dancer”Photo: Willie Weber / DPA

“Colored Pencils” from “The Masked Dancer”Photo: Willie Weber / DPA

“Mouse” from “Masked Dancer”Photo: Willie Weber / DPA

Die Figure Max Strength"  aus

“Maximum Power” figure from “The Masked Dancer”Photo: Willie Weber / DPA

“Glow Worm” from “The Masked Dancer”Photo: Willie Weber / DPA


The question remains: How can you identify people by their actions?

Salah Fuchs Gatzen says: “You have to pay attention to every detail. When singing, you can draw something out of the range of pronunciation, dialect or tone. When dancing, of course, you have to rely on completely different things . I believe dance performance is about seeing how the stage is set up and what kind of hidden clues are hidden there.”

It means: “Perhaps you can find an explicit or hidden reference to the star under the mask in the selection of movements, music and choreography. It’s all a huge challenge. You’ll have to do more detective work.”

Alexander Kloss is delighted: “I’m very curious to see how celebrities use their physicality to bring masks to life and create something magical on stage.”

Correct! Whether the show can be as successful as its role models depends heavily on whether the project works – and you can actually guess the celebrities based on movements and clues.

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