Joko and Klass have to stay in the studio: Snake Trap! , Entertainment

Joko and Klass have to stay in the studio: Snake Trap!  ,  Entertainment

He did not expect so many challenges.

Moderator duo Jocko Winterscheidt (43) and Klass Heffer-Umloff (39) were challenged in the new episode “Jocko and Klass Against ProSieben” – by both tongue-in-cheek reptiles and 100 opponents competing for the station.

One hundred TV crews compete against Jocko and Classy

When they entered the studio on Tuesday evening, the two moderators couldn’t believe their eyes: there were many people on stage dressed in black and masked.

Moderator Steven Gatzen (50) said: “It’s a little intimidating.” Klass reacted with uncertainty: “What’s going on here now? I think it’s an oppressive situation.” Gatgen enlightened both: there were one hundred ProSieben employees against whom Jocko and Klass had to compete.

Here Joko and Klass have to face a hundred opponents – all the staff of the TV team

Photo: ProSieben Ralph Wilshevsky / DPA

As a group, the diligent “ants” had the task of bringing the given objects to the studio and covering them so that the two moderators, stationed on a hill, could not see them.

Despite the disguise, Kloss made a familiar face: “The worker is Kevin Korber from the Ant Press department. We recognize it!” The class did not recognize the banana boat covered by the group. Joko and she accidentally typed on a flag. The next attempts worked out better – Jocko and Klass were able to get the first advantage for the finals.

Huge bustle in the studio - Jocko quickly lost track of it

Huge bustle in the studio – Jocko quickly lost track of it

Photo: ProSieben

snake blow in the studio

Soon after, Steven Gatzen in his luggage did the next surprise for the audience. After last Tuesday’s broadcast, Jocko and Klass had a surprising surprise waiting for them: they must solve another task, as the spokesperson explained: “You have to spend the night in the studio. Alone.”

One clip showed: After all the staff and spectators left the studio, the doors were immediately locked and the two were on their own. A tent was also set up in the studio. Jocko immediately complained: “I don’t need it. My life is pretty exciting.”

And it had to be even more exciting – soon after, a ProSieben spokesperson again reported from Off: “Since I’m not a monster, I organized some company for you as seven snakes. You have all seven snakes.” It’s midnight to assemble. If you’ve been bitten or suffocated, please call 112.”

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Now panic spread among the mediators, Joko trembling: “The mere thought that a snake is crawling here and there drives me crazy.” But “Mr. ProSieben” didn’t bluff: several reptile studios, in fact, had left behind their backs. should be kept in their box.

The class muttered to itself: “It sucks from you.” While Klass caught the lot and collected the snakes one after the other, Joko was at the end of her strength after several anxiety attacks: “I’m exhausted. I’m sweating.” Nevertheless, the two still had four snakes. However, this was not enough for a point – the round went to ProSieben.

Joko and Class get 15 minutes of free airtime

In the final, things went really well for Jocko and Klass again. In the game “Omit” they had to send messages to each other for which only a certain number of letters were available. The two mastered the task with flying colors, to which even Gatgen applauded, commenting: “Great! Really impressive how you do it.”

But both were pleased not only with their victory, but also that they had saved themselves from penalties: 11.11 in the event of a loss. 11:11 am on ProSieben.

Now they can decide for themselves what they do: Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. it will be shown what Jocko and Klass will use their broadcast time for.

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