“Grease” Star Olivia Newton-John: Terminal Cancer

"Grease" Star Olivia Newton-John: Terminal Cancer

Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John (73) Has been suffering from breast cancer again since 2017 This is the third outbreak since it was first diagnosed 30 years ago. Metastatic cancer has reached stage 4. According to “pflege.de” the chances of survival for a period of five years are less than 30 percent.

In an interview on the American television program “Today”, “Grease” star Olivia Newton-John opened up about her state of health and brought presenter Hoda Kotb (57) to tears.

Olivia Newton-John’s interviewer also had breast cancer

During the interview, Hoda Kotb told that 14 years ago she also had to undergo treatment for breast cancer. Sympathy Olivia Newton-John, who was actually on the 40th anniversary of her hit “Physical” and for their cancer To be interrogated, immediately forgets her agony and tells Hoda: “I’m really sorry you went through this. I didn’t know about you. So, are you okay now, are you okay? ?”

Yes, that’s fine, responds to the stunned moderator, who has to gather himself briefly and then says with tears in his eyes: “That’s wonderful what you just did. Thank you. Thank you for asking. “

Olivia Newton-John calls Hoda Kotb her “sister”

Olivia Newton-John is clearly baffled by the interviewer’s emotional outburst as well. For them such inquiries are of course a thing. “We are sisters. Anyone who has taken this journey with cancer and its unknown destinations, surprises and twists,” she explains.

Olivia Newton-John is doing fine given the circumstances

Finally, the health status of the singer and actress comes up for discussion. And here the 73-year-old can at least calm down a little. “I’m pretty good now,” she says, and continues, “I have my days, I have my pain, but the cannabis my husband grows for me helps me a lot, so I really I’m a happy person.”

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