Compensation to Volkswagen – Winterkorn apparently wants to pay

Compensation to Volkswagen - Winterkorn apparently wants to pay

As the head of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn was responsible for the diesel scandal in the United States. The car company is seeking compensation from them and other former managers.

In the struggle to pay compensation due to the emissions scandal, an agreement is clearly emerging between Volkswagen and several ex-board members. Former chief executive Martin Winterkorn He is said to have agreed to pay around ten million euros VW To pay, as the business magazine “Business Insider” reports. Consistent agreements with top managers should be signed earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the automaker is said to have agreed to pay another 200 to 300 million euros with its manager’s liability insurance. Two insiders told the Reuters news agency that the VW Supervisory Board should discuss an agreement over the weekend, which must be approved by the annual general meeting in July. Volkswagen did not want to comment on the report; A statement from Winterkorn’s spokesperson was not initially available.

Law firm reports heavy burden on Winterkorn

VW Winterkorn and former Audi boss were decided by the VW Supervisory Board in late March Rupert Stadler To claim compensation for violations of due diligence obligations under stock corporation law. The group also took recourse against four former board members of Audi, Porsche and VW for manipulating exhaust gas.

The Supervisory Board relied on an investigation by a law firm that evaluated several million documents, files, investigation files from the public prosecutor’s office as well as official and judicial proceedings over the years and which itself conducted more than 1,500 interviews and inquiries . The Supervisory Board believed that, since July 27, 2015, WinterCorn had failed to clarify the background of the use of permissible software functions in diesel engines sold in the United States between 2009 and 2015.

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Furthermore, Winterkorn did not ensure that the questions raised by US officials in this regard were answered promptly and truthfully and completely. Winterkorn, who led the car company until he resigned in September 2015, regretted the decision of the supervisory board. His lawyer dismissed the charges against him.

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