Which caused Florian Silberesen to seek the help of his ex, Helen Fischer

Why did Florian Silberesen ask Helen Fischer's help?

Florian Silberesen and Helen Fischer still have a good relationship with each other.Image: Imago Images / Christian Schroeder

Florian Silberesen and Helen Fisher Dream couple at Schlager Olympics. In 2018, their separation was finally announced surprisingly. The singer said on Instagram at that time that she was already in a new Relation Perhaps: “Yeah, there’s a new man inside me Life And I don’t want to keep it a secret. “Since then she is happy with the acrobat Thomas Sittel.

to top it off Love The two will soon be together for the first time Parents, Some people close to him were aware of this news before the press came to know about it. One of them was probably Florian Silberesen, Helen’s former. That is, he said “image“:” I can only congratulate Helen and Thomas very warmly and wish the best from the bottom of my heart. “And further:”Whatever I want to tell about her, I told Helen in private a long time ago. Fortunately, we were able to Friendship always keep. ,

By the way, the presenter and singer are still considered singles. For the 40-year-old, however, things are going well, especially professionally. For more than 17 years he has been in front of the cameras for various shows on ARD, is a juror for “DSDS” in the coming season and even made its premiere on ZDF in late 2019 as “Traumschiff” captain. celebrated in Feather Christmas And the new year also has new episodes with him in the form of Captain Max Pargar. He also sails with all kinds of star cast. Because Silberessen absolutely wanted to have comedian Bullant Ceylan with him, he suddenly had to turn to Helen Fischer, how he “imageSaid astonishingly.

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Florian Silberesen asks Helen Fischer for Bullant Ceylan’s number

In addition to Harald Schmidt, Colleen Ullmann-Fernandes, Izkan Koser and Bullant Ceylan also feature in the new “Tramshiff” version of the Christmas episode. Especially with the latter, who plays a kitchen assistant, it was unclear if he would be there. Silberesen told the newspaper: “I really wanted Bullant to come on the dream ship. But unfortunately I didn’t have her phone number. I asked Helen then. Luckily, she had.”

The two also know each other privately and have been on stage together in their Christmas shows in the past. After Silberesen sent him a voice message, the 45-year-old was initially skeptical. “At first he didn’t believe it was actually mine. But at some point Bullant got in touch and I was able to persuade him to come on board.”, so Silberesen.

Bullant himself told “Build”: “When I heard Florian’s voice message, I thought, It’s Michael Kessler from ‘Switch Reloaded’ who can parody Florian so brilliantly. But then I called back.” done and was glad the real Florian was on the phone. Since that call, a good friendship has developed between Florian and I.”

By the way, all fans of “Traumschiff” can wait for well-known celebrities in the New Year’s episode. Because Sarah Engels is a cabin hostess and has an impressive caro dour Travel to see namibia, The social media star plays actress Paulina Winter.


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