Germany’s next top model: Lenara thrown – because of this candidate – TV

Germany's next top model: Lenara thrown - because of this candidate - TV

This message cooled Heidi.

Sun, beach and sea, coaching from top model icon Heidi Klum (48) and her crew of photographers, designers and choreographers – “Top Model” candidates’ lives can be so beautiful.

But not every contender for the title can enjoy weeks on Mykonos – one candidate decided on Thursday evening to take a drastic step.

Heidi Klum (second from left) with model candidates Sophie, Barbara and Laura W (from left)Photo: ProSieben/Richard Hubner

At the start of the episode, the models looked great — and a little excited, too. With director David Helmut (35), Heidi brought a very special challenge to her disciples.

Two girls must fight each other in a flashy convertible to put their acting skills to the test. Key highlights: One of the two was allowed to press a button, which propelled his partner to the heights. A day out with his model mom Heidi turned out to be a win for the best.

Heavy set: models were blown up in the air at the touch of a button

Heavy set: models were blown up in the air at the touch of a buttonPhoto: ProSieben/Richard Hubner

But not everyone was happy with this work. Curvy model Lenara (25) in particular suffered from acrophobia and seemed discreet. She struggled with self-doubt: “I never really was. Even here, I just fear that I won’t be taken seriously if I don’t have the power and fight my way out.”

Nevertheless, she wanted to go through the shooting: “I want to prove that you can do whatever you want.” After being shot, the tide turned. She didn’t want to get down at all, cried out excitedly: “How great! Awesome, I want to do it again!”

You looked at her very differently soon after the video call with her fiancé. Then Lenara wept bitterly: “Here’s a guy who has such abusive behavior. He just screams and wants to win. He’ll walk on corpses. That’s inhumane to me. I just want to go home!” “

Lenara (left) still laughing on set with Heidi Klum

Lenara (left) still laughing on set with Heidi KlumPhoto: ProSieben/Richard Hubner

He had been decided, but talks with Heidi were yet to come. She was astonished to hear Lenara’s report: “Over the past few weeks, the dynamics of the group have changed extremely negatively. For example, there is one person who has his own group. All the energy that spreads there drags me down.” But Lenara still did not name anyone.

Heidi tries to motivate her candidate further, urging Lenara: “You came here because you have a goal. You can’t let anyone take it away from you!” And now Heidi also insisted on a clear answer: “Who is she and what did she say?” Lenara finally unpacked, revealing: “It’s Noella. It’s not like she actively insults me on a daily basis. It’s just the whole vibe.”

Soon after, Lenara actually left, hugging Heidi again in tears.

But when Noella finds out what Lenara has told her about her, she is shocked – and tears well up: “I’m portrayed as a bully, who hurts me. I’m black myself I know what that is. I find it unfair that no one communicates openly with me.”

The fact that Lenara didn’t directly confront her made it difficult for her – and some of her colleagues were on Noella’s side, too. Barbara (68) defended her and hugged her, remarking: “I guess at some point this has to end.”

Bene Laura W had to leave Kashmera (second from left) GNTM

In addition to Laura, Kashmera (second from left) has received GNTM . had to leavePhoto: ProSieben/Richard Hubner

Although the scandal had no effect on the “elimination”, Heidi insisted: “I’m not into it, and I don’t want to allow myself any judgment. There are always two sides to a story.” This was the next round for Noella, reassuring Heidi: “Your performance here on the catwalk was great. And that’s what modeling is about.”

For the two candidates, however, the excursion into top model life was over. Laura W (20) and beautiful model Kashmira (20) had to go home.

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