“There’s No Future”: Hugo Egon Throws Down Balder on Saturday

"There's No Future": Hugo Egon Throws Down Balder on Saturday

“There is no future”
Hugo Aegon Balder threw 1 on Saturday

Hugo Egon Balder has been loyal to broadcaster Sat.1 for years, especially as the face of the rate show “Genial Beside”. Now, however, the 71-year-old is saying goodbye to the format. And it has nothing to do with his age in the first place.

TV legend Hugo Egon Balder stops at the sat.1 comedy show “Jeniel Denbane”. When asked about the format’s future, the 71-year-old told editorial network Germany (RND): “There is no future. After this season it will be over.”

For “Jeniel Besseben – The Quiz”, Balder was supported by Wigold Bonning and Hella von Seenen, among others.

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He himself decided “that I don’t want that anymore,” insists Balder. On the one hand, he believes that “this format is now obsolete”. On the other hand, he is in harsh court with the broadcaster, to whom he has been loyal for many years. “It just doesn’t work,” Balder said.

One of the things the entertainer complains about is the frequent changes in management positions at the broadcaster. “And every manager wants something different,” Balder says. “The shop is constantly being run into grits,” is his bitter conclusion.

farewell to television

Last but not least, they felt it in their programs, the moderator continues. A few years ago, for example, the station wanted a daily format “in addition to the usual – quiz”. “I warned about the show’s title because audiences imagined something completely different under ‘Apart from Genial.’ In the end, I was right – ratings fell soon after the first show, more than you’d expect. Warn people, you don’t stand a chance,” Balder says, disappointed.

Between the lines, Balder explains that his farewell to “Janiel Besseben” also equates to his farewell to television. “I’m 71 now. I don’t feel like moderating things at an age where people say, ‘My god, I hope he survives the show,'” the TV icon explains. He’s lucky to have also been acting permanently for ten years, says Balder: “And I envisioned it at my age. I can still play theater at 85 if I want to.”

Don’t you ever go this way?

Meanwhile a Sat.1 spokesperson has confirmed that the final episodes of the current season of “Jeniel Denbane” air on July 9 and 16. “Plus, there are no new episodes planned for this year or next,” it said.

Sat.1 boss Daniel Rozmann told Balder: “Dear Hugo Egon Balder, we thank you for the successful collaboration over the past decades. As a Cologne resident, I want to say to you, as a long-term Cologne resident: ‘Never works I mean, some of you lives here.’ Thank you for the good years.”

In the show “Genial Beside” comedians answer questions from the audience in a funny and funny way. Question creators get paid when celebrities are not able to adequately answer the question on the show.

Balder may have been associated with the show over the years, but he has a long TV career behind him. In the ’80s he was on the anarcho show “Alas Nothing Or?!” I was next to Hella von Sinen. Known in RTL. A little later, his moderation of “Tutti Frutti” at the Cologne broadcaster created a sensation. After the turn of the millennium, Balder switched to sat.1, where, among other things, he presented various music formats, game shows, and since 2003 “Genial Apart”.

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