Driven through a red light: Charles’ coronation planner lost his driver’s license

Driven through a red light: Charles' coronation planner lost his driver's license

powered through red light
Charles’ coronation planner loses driver’s license

For 20 years, the Duke of Norfolk has hosted the Queen’s state funeral. Now he must also be responsible for the coronation of King Charles. However, a court does not see this as a reason to get away with repeated traffic offences.

The organizer of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service will have to park his car for the foreseeable future. A London court gave Edward Fitzalan-Howard, Duke of Norfolk, a six-month driving ban after he pleaded guilty to running a red light in his BMW while his cell phone was on on April 7. Due to the role of the duke in organizing the coronation of King Charles III, the noble’s lawyers called for the ban to be lifted. not to apply.

In 2014, the Duke of Norfolk joked with the Queen, whose funeral he has been performing for years.

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Fitzalan-Howard is the senior duke in England and also holds the title of Earl Marshal. A mandatory driving ban awaited him after the latest offense, due to two previous speeding violations. However, 65-year-old lawyer Natasha Dardashti tried to convince the judges of the importance of the Duke’s mobility. This is an “extremely special situation” as Fitzalan-Howard is “responsible for the coronation of His Royal Highness King Charles III.” which is expected for the coming year.

“Not an extraordinary emergency”

Dardashti argued that his client, as Earl Marshall, had a “very, very” important role in the coronation and would be in an “extraordinary position” if he were banned from driving. But the judges rejected this argument. Although this is a special case and the driving ban would cause inconvenience, “we do not see an extraordinary emergency,” said Presiding Judge Judith Ray.

Fitzalan-Howard was responsible for organizing a funeral service for Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey a week earlier. Heads of state and government from around the world, as well as representatives of royal families and the British royal family, attended the state funeral. The Duke has spent the last 20 years organizing funerals.

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