McDonald’s with new burger packaging – raps also affected

McDonald's with new burger packaging - raps also affected

Cologne –

Anyone who attacks McDonald’s knows the picture – a huge mountain of garbage on a tray after dinner. The fast food giant repeatedly tries to save garbage or protect the environment. Success is moderate. Now McDonald’s is starting the next packaging project.

  • McDonald’s wraps the burger and wraps it in grass paper
  • 70 percent of packaging material should be saved
  • Grass paper contains 20 percent grass.

For the first time, the burger will be sold in grass paper – this conversion will save about 70 percent of packaging material, McDonald’s promises.

McDonald’s: Germany Burgers and McWerps in Grass Paper

Deutschlandburger and McWraps are now wrapped in grass paper.

Background: By 2025, all sales packaging must contain 100 percent renewable, recycled or certified materials.

Among other things, Deutschlandburger will now be wrapped in grass paper.

And how does it work with grass paper? According to the McDonald’s announcement, new processes and the introduction of grass fibers into paper save a large amount of energy, water, and CO2 in production.

McDonald’s Grass Paper contains 20 percent grass.

Furthermore, no chemicals are used in the production of this fiber material. The grass paper used by McDonald’s contains 20 percent hay, is FSC-licensed and does not require long transportation routes. It comes from existing grass fields and therefore does not compete with other uses.

Catch up on the Grass Paper project: Deutschlandburger and Rapps are currently not among the best sellers. Therefore the actual waste savings from switching to grass paper should be very low. (MT)

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