Do the images in The Last of Us point to a new fantasy game?

Do the images in The Last of Us point to a new fantasy game?

The Last of Us remake was released recently. Some fans are now speculating that the developers may have hidden hints about the next project in the game.

Want to give Naughty Dog fans a hint as to what game they’re currently working on? There is a rumor in the society about this at the moment. Because published on September 2 ‘The Last of Us’ remake New images have now been found that were not part of the original game on PlayStation 3.

Naughty Dog is currently working on several projects

Earlier this year, leakers claimed that Naughty Dog was working on a new single-player IP in a fantasy setting. However, the co-president of the studio, Neil Druckmann, is not involved in the project. Naughty Dog itself has confirmed that the teams Will work on multiple game projects, Although what it is about has not been disclosed.


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It is now rumored that the studio may have hidden a hint about its next game in the remake of The Last of Us. Players have found a wall of artwork in the title that was not present in the original 2013 or 2014 remastered version. On display are paintings showing various fantasy artifacts, such as the image of Pegasus, a woman next to a horse-like creature, or the artwork of a swordsman facing a black dragon. This rumor is currently being spread by the Twitter channel “Naughty Dog Central”.

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This wouldn’t be the first time the studio has hidden hints of upcoming projects in one of its games. In unknown 3 From 2011 one can find a newspaper headline that reads: “Scientists Still Struggling to Understand Deadly Fungus”. Almost two years later, The Last of Us was released for the first time.

Source: exputer, the gamer

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