This is what the former Laura Maria now looks like

This is what the former Laura Maria now looks like

After the separation of 29-year-old Pietro Lombardi and 24-year-old Laura Maria Ripa, the blond was quiet for some time. Now the singer’s ex is back – with a new look!

Pietro Lombardi: Did Laura use the relationship as a move?

It seemed that between Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Raipas Great love Honea: After keeping their relationship secret for weeks, they finally made it public in September. But after a few weeks everything was over again between the two – and after that there was a talk Media effective mud fight, In which Gora specifically reduced his obesity.

The reason for this is likely to be the harsh words of Pietro Lombardi: “For me personally I was the means to an end”, Explained the “unprecedented” interpreter in her story in early March and through this Laura Maria Ripa could only use herself to become famous. It is alleged that the 24-year-old then vehemently denied and repeatedly insisted that she would continue working at her old job.

More information about Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Ripa:

Pietro Lombardi’s earlier report with a new look

In the last few weeks it has been silent about its former love. The influential person continued to share the snapshot with his followers diligently, but stayed cautiously in the background. Now she is back with a special posting, as Laura Maria dares for a new look after the breakup!

Last Friday, May 21, she shared a clip of her journey with the barber. Pietro writes about the pre and post recordings: “How did you like my new hair? I’m very curious what you will say about it! I feel like a new person.” The blonde is perfect for her light hair, but now her hair is much longer. “I’ve never done hair extensions”, Laura enthuses Maria, who wears her mane in gentle waves. A type of change that will go well with your followers. “I love it” or “Mega!” There are comments below the video.

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Pietro Lombardi: his ex started his YouTube career

And Laura Maria Ripa not only has a new style, but seems to have changed her mind – and her career plans. Just a few weeks ago, Pietro Lombardi’s ex announced on Instagram that he is now Want to get started on YouTube:

Friends, the time has come! I think you can really get to know me through my videos on YouTube. I look forward to it!

What will Laura Maria show about herself on the video platform? Probably similar content, such as on Instagram and Tickcock, where Gora is overall 500,000 followers Has already set foot. And it could not stop with a career as a network star. As she revealed, she was asked twice for the RTLZWEI dating show “Love Island”, but that just wouldn’t happen for her. “I celebrate this format, I like to watch it, but I will never run away”she explains. We may be curious if we will see Pietro Lombardi’s ex-girlfriend on TV soon …

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