Linda Evangelista appears in public for the first time since Beauty Bouche

Linda Evangelista appears in public for the first time since Beauty Bouche

It was a cosmetic procedure that completely changed her life. Seven years later, Linda Evangelista describes her ordeal and shows for the first time what she looks like today.

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Described as “brutally deformed” and “permanently deformed” Linda Evangelista Her appearance in September 2021, which was no longer the same after a beauty procedure almost seven years ago. The supermodel of the 1990s went out of the public eye, stopped working modeling jobs and fell into a depression, as revealed in the fall of last year.

Now, five months later, Linda Evangelista is taking it a step further. The Canadians open up about what they experienced at the time. In an interview with “People” magazine, the 56-year-old elaborated on her physical and psychological suffering.

So she wants to fight to get back to life: “I can no longer live like this, in secret and in shame. I can’t live with this pain anymore,” says Linda Evangelista. “I’m finally ready to talk about it.”

Linda Evangelista: A paparazzi took this photo in 2017. (Source: Splash News)

In 2015, Linda Evangelista introduced “cool sculpting,” a method for treating fatty tissue. But he did the opposite of what he had promised. Three months after the beauty treatment, she noticed swelling on her chin, hips, and chest. So the same areas that she “wanted to shrink” suddenly grew and became hard. Then they went numb. Photos of what her body looks like today magazine published in its latest issue,

“I thought I did something wrong”

“I tried to fix it myself,” the supermodel recalled in 2015. “I thought I did something wrong. I got to a point where I didn’t eat at all. I felt like I was losing my mind.” It was only in 2016 that she dared to see her doctor, who finally diagnosed her with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).

This is a side effect of “fat freezing” which can occur in less than one percent of cases. The amount of tissue in the treated area increases rather than decreases. “He told me that no diet, no matter how strict, and no matter what amount of training, no matter how hard, could ever compensate for it,” was the bad news from her doctor.

Since then, she’s also done traditional liposuction, she explains. But even after the second intervention in 2017, the problem did not go away, on the contrary. He is still unable to move around without compression clothing as the affected areas might otherwise be sore.

“I don’t look in the mirror anymore”

Reportedly, she sued the parent company of the company where she had the surgery for $50 million. Also because she hasn’t been able to do her modeling work since then and later didn’t get enough information about the possible side effects. The other side denies this allegation.

In tears, Evangelista told “People”: “I loved being on the catwalk. Now I’m afraid to meet people who know me.” You don’t look yourself in the mirror anymore. “He doesn’t look like me anymore.” Still, with her now public story, she wants to “help other people who are in a similar situation to me. That’s my goal.”

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