Update after an incident in RTL presenter Burkard: “I’ll leave you”

Update after an incident in RTL presenter Burkard: "I'll leave you"

Katja Burkard approached her Instagram followers with bad news.

Image: rtl/screenshot

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As the lead presenter of “Punkt 12”, Katja Burkard has been an integral part of the RTL program for many years, and now has approximately 186,000 subscribers. instagram where it also shares personal information from time to time. Now, however, the 56-year-old reported on social media with a shocking message: A grasshopper bite put her out of action, and Burkard had to take antibiotics for several days.

Feather “rtld“The moderator provided further details about his health condition – She would rather not share the picture of the affected part of the body, the eyesight is so bad at the moment.

Katja Burkard’s crop has scratches

“I have a gross crop,” the presenter initially sounded the alarm on Instagram. This is the popular term for mite bites. She continued: “I will spare you the sight of my ankle”, and even spoke of a “super infection”. The doctor told him that the encounter with the grass mite in September was quite “typical,” but that the finding isn’t very comforting to Burkard at the moment. He finally told his home broadcaster this:

“The ankle can’t be seen anymore, everything is fire red and itchy like hell!”

Katja Burkard reports her mite bite.

Katja Burkard reports her mite bite.

Image: katja_burkard_official/instagram

First, “6 Days of Penicillin” “Punkt 12” are the order of the day for prehistoric rock. As a result, she doesn’t dismiss her followers without warning: “Take care, now in the grass…”, the moderator concludes in her Insta story.

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In fact, autumn walks in nature – especially in low grass – can be People Especially now it has bitter consequences, as the larvae of the orange-dotted animals emerge at the end of summer. A bite that causes itching (up to two weeks!), redness and blistering of the skin, affects those affected.pharmacy magazine“But should be avoided at all costs, otherwise it can lead to inflammation.

Rather, cooling the body part or treating it with an antihistamine is recommended to relieve itching. When in doubt, as is often the case, it is better to consult a doctor.

Katja Burkard’s RTL . continued to work for

Dirty mite bites apparently won’t stop Burkard from continuing to work. The RTL logo on the station’s homepage has been repainted in new colors since Wednesday, and the branch “RTLplus” is now called “RTLup”. The moderators rejoiced in their Instagram story: “Then my new health show ‘How Are You’ will continue.”

Katja Burkard shows nothing.

Katja Burkard shows nothing.

Image: katja_burkard_official/instagram

Also, Burkard showed how they were up to the RTL competition. Books Signed and presented himself in front of the camera with a bouquet of flowers depicting the broadcaster’s new digital home “RTL United”. “Today we at RTL are as colorful as this bouquet of flowers. With ‘United’ we want to say: we are more diverse, we are more colourful, we are more diverse,” she explains.


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