Rurik Gislason, Valentina Pahde and Nicholas Puschman dance to these dances today!

Rurik Gislason, Valentina Pahde and Nicholas Puschman dance to these dances today!


The finale of “Let’s Dance” will be awesome!

“Let’s Dance” begins the last evening of season 14: former footballer Rurik Gislasson, GZSZ-Star Valentina Pahde And “Prince Charming” from the very beginning, Nicholas Pushman, Fight for the title “Dancing Star 2021”. In the finals, stars and their professional dancers have to be categorized into three categories: jury dance, their favorite individual dance and a freestyle under the motto of their choice. Here you can find out which songs and dances the finalists perform as well as the dances of the dropouts that come together again for the finale.

These songs and dance are coming for Valentina Pahade

Valentina Pahde And Valentin Lusine Ana BelĂ©n, perform a rumba dance by Antonio Banderas for her jury dance on “No se por que te quiero”. They also again perform their favorite dance, the Viennese Waltz, for “What If I” by Meghan Trainor from Show 7.

Her freestyle became a mix of Slofox, Quickstep, and Marilyn Monroe’s songs “Wanna Be Loved by You”, “Demands Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” from Charleston.

Rurik Gislason’s final performance

Rurik Gislasson And Renata Dozen Tango dances for “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie as a jury. Rorick’s favorite dance is for “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin from Show 3.

The freestyle will be a mix of contemporary, Viennese waltz, paso doble and rumba on the theme of “Thor”. He is “As the Hammer Falls”, “The Dark World Theme” and “Can You See Jane?” Dances to songs. By Brian Tyler and on “The Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.

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Nicholas Puschman: His songs and dances in the finals

Nicholas Pushman And Vadim Garbuzov Dance a tango for “Neruda” by Rupa and The April Fish for the jury. In addition, Nicholas performs her favorite dance, Charleston, from Show 5 to “You Forgotten the Color Film” by Nina Hagen.

Freestyle is a combination of tango, rumba and jive to create a “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. He dances on “Sweet Transvestite” by Tim Curry, “Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me” by Susan Sarandon, and “Time Warp” by Richard O’Brien.

“Let’s Dance” Candidate’s Last Dance

And of course there will be a reunion with all the candidates this year too! Those who have dropped out will perform their favorite dance again:

Due to the current epidemic and travel conditions, it makes it Pasha Zwickyya Unfortunately not to be a part of the Grand Finale. and also Isles Delang L “Let’s dance” will not be able to stand on the floor. Unfortunately, due to quarantine rules, she cannot make it to the finals in Cologne. You can read what she says here.

Watch “Let’s Dance” on TVNOW

Parallel to the TV broadcast, “Let’s Dance” also runs every Friday Tvnow i’m livestream. You can also watch the show later on TVNOW.

Our previous “Let’s Dance” winners dance again to you in our two web stories: here it is part 1 And part 2.

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