Philips Black Week – Up to 33% off on MediaMarkt

Philips Black Week - Up to 33% off on MediaMarkt

Philips FC6826/01 SpeedPro Max Upright Vacuum 130 Euro less

The Philips FC6826/01 SpeedPro Max is a cordless stick vacuum with 360 degree suction nozzle. This means you can easily reach the most remote corners without doing any acrobatic tricks. The LED light helps identify any dust and dirt. This is especially useful under a sofa or cupboard.

The digital display shows battery life, speed level and time to next filter cleaning, so users can have all the important information at a glance. The handheld vacuum cleaner is removable and has an integrated crevice nozzle. The 25.2V Li-Ion battery provides a maximum runtime of 65 minutes. At higher levels of suction, this running time is naturally reduced.

RRP: 479.99

action: 349 Euro

Discount: 130 Euros (27 percent)

Philips FC 6826/01 SpeedPro Max Stick Vacuum

Cordless vacuum cleaner with 360° suction nozzle, LED lighting on the nozzle, digital display and multiple speed levels. Save from €349 now on MediaMarkt!

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Philips AC2889/10 2000i Air Purifier … with 100% off

The Philips AC2889/10 2000i air purifier is equipped with HEPA and pre-filters and can filter out up to 99.97 percent of airborne allergens. These include pollen, house dust mites, mold spores and animal hair, but also fine dust, bacteria, viruses and gases.

Conveniently, the air purifier can be controlled through an app and hence can be controlled from anywhere with a smartphone. In this way, schedules can be created, fan speeds can be adjusted and the remaining service life of the filters can be viewed. Thanks to the control via the app, the air purifier can also be operated from work, so you can return to the apartment in the evening with ideal air quality.

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Auto mode is also a plus. It independently recognizes potential risks and increases air flow accordingly. A display on the air purifier then shows the air quality of the room in real time with a ranking of 1 to 12. An LED color ring is also integrated, which also provides an indication of air quality at a glance. If the ring lights up blue, the amount of particles in the air is low, if the ring lights up red, then the amount of particles is high.

RRP: 449.99

action: 299 Euro

Discount: 150 Euro (33 percent)

Philips AC2889/10 Air Purifier

Save 33% Now!
Philips AC2889/10 Air Purifier

Filters out pollen, condensation, bacteria and ultrafine particles. Removes odors and gases from the air. With app control and suitable for rooms up to 79m². Save from €299 now on MediaMarkt!

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SAECO SM6580/00 ​​GranAroma fully automatic coffee machine with 75 euro voucher

With the SAECO SM6850/00 GranAroma fully automatic coffee machine, connoisseurs have the option of making up to 16 different coffee drinks at the touch of a button. Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and many other classics are among the options. The disc grinder works in 12 stages and is made of 100 percent ceramic.

A total of four different user profiles can be saved, so that multiple users can directly display their favorite coffee types. The pump pressure of the model is 15 bar, the water tank capacity is 1.8 liters and the bean container holds 300 grams. The maximum power of the machine is estimated at 1,500 watts and the milk container capacity for hot and frothy milk is 600 ml.

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It is also practical that the machine has the Latteduo function and can therefore prepare two coffee drinks at the same time, including cappuccino or latte macchiato.

The distillery maintains the water temperature between 90 and 98 °C throughout the preparation process to ensure an optimal balance between brewing temperature and aroma development.

The setting options for the SAECO SM6850/00 GranAroma fully automatic coffee machine are also extremely versatile and the various coffee characteristics can be adjusted individually. Anyone who needs help with personalization will receive instructions directly from the machine. The strength, the amount of coffee and milk, the temperature and the strength of the milk froth can be adjusted in the menu. Another espresso shot may also be added.

According to the manufacturer, the ceramic grinder is extremely durable and is designed for at least 20,000 cups of coffee.

RRP: 699.99

action: After the cancellation period is over, interested parties will receive a 75 euro MediaMarkt voucher,

SAECO SM6580/00 ​​Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Now with 75 Euro vouchers!
SAECO SM6580/00 ​​Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Fully automatic coffee machine with 16 coffee drinks at the push of a button, coffee equalizer and 20,000 cups thanks to the durable ceramic grinder. Buy now on MediaMarkt and save a 75 Euro voucher!

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Philips HD9252/90 Airfryer Essential

With the Philips HD9252/90 Airfryer, users can prepare food with up to 90 percent less fat. Another practical feature is the lower energy consumption compared to an oven and that most foods are prepared more quickly in a hot air fryer.

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Cleaning the machine is particularly easy, as the drip tray and frying basket are dishwasher-safe and therefore do not require manual cleaning, despite the coating.

The Philips Airfryer is suitable for roasting, baking, grilling and reheating. In keep-warm mode, food stays at the ideal temperature for up to 30 minutes. Digital display allows easy setting of time and temperature. Some programs can even be set directly with just one push of a button. Fish, chicken or mushrooms, for example, can be selected as pre-stored functions with just the push of a button.

The Hot Air Fryer has a wattage of 1,400 watts and the frying basket has a capacity of 0.8 grams.

The outer surface is thermally insulated, so users don’t have to worry about burning themselves.

Philips HD9252/90 Air Fryer

Buy now for 134 Euro!
Philips HD9252/90 Air Fryer

Airfryer for roasting, baking, grilling and reheating with up to 90% less fat. With keep-warm mode, touchscreen and quickclean. Save from €134 now on MediaMarkt!

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