WhatsApp: So you can pixelate faces in photos

WhatsApp: So you can pixelate faces in photos
How do I protect my privacy on WhatsApp?

If you want to make people recognizable in photos you send through WhatsApp, you can pixelate them in a few easy steps. We show how to do it.

Photos and videos continue to be shared WhatsApp for everyday life. Whether in a group or private chat – WhatsApp’s automatic image compression makes it convenient to quickly share a selfie or some snapshot from a vacation.

If there are other people in the picture shared with WhatsApp, you may want to blur them out. You can use this to protect the privacy of relevant people, especially in WhatsApp groups with many contacts you only know briefly.

By pixelating a face, you can make the person or yourself so unfamiliar that the overall impression of the photo can hardly change.

You do not need to install a separate app for this. WhatsApp already has the required image pixelation function. We’ll show you below how to pixelate images with WhatsApp on Android phones and iPhones.

The iOS version of WhatsApp also comes with an option to pixelate photos, which you can use as follows.

Pixelate Faces on Pictures in WhatsApp with iOS

  1. 02.1 WhatsApp - iOS - Take or Select a Photo02.1 WhatsApp - iOS - Take or Select a Photo


    Open existing picture from gallery with plus sign at bottom left or take a new picture with camera.

  2. 02.2 WhatsApp - iOS - Pixelate Photos02.2 WhatsApp - iOS - Pixelate Photos


    In the editor shown later, tap the pencil symbol in the upper right corner and then the pixelated area below on the color selection bar to activate the tool. You can then use your finger to pixelate any area of ​​the photo, such as a face.

You can use additional apps in WhatsApp upgraded more features, Like her delay in sending message,

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