Days gone – does Sony only count Metascore?

Days gone - does Sony only count Metascore?

It already leaked in the last few days A pitch for continuation of Days gone Which was created shortly after the game was released. The pitch was clearly rejected by Sony, who probably did not see the success of the game at the time.

Metascore is said to be one of the deciding factors of Sony, whether a game, a franchise, a franchise, a series, etc. will be continued. At least that is the author John Garvin, whom Sony said soon after its release Days gone left it.

Is Metascore Important?

In A podcast With the former God of war-Director David Juff tells Garvin that Metascore is all that matters to Sony, even though it can be very difficult at times.

“If you’re the creative director of a franchise and your game goes up to 70, you won’t be the creative director of that franchise for long.”

In fact, the metropolis was from Days gone The specials are in the beginning and finally closed at 71 among specialist magazines. The problem with this is that Metascore only shows a game at the time of Embargo and not how it develops later. It is often technical deficiencies that greatly reduce a score, nothing that cannot be saved later. There are enough examples of this. Comes with users Days gone Now with 8.3 better, and one will be Days gone Now rate it again, it will definitely be slightly better among specialist magazines.

What about Days gone All is not lost as far as concerns are concerned, after all, the title of survival has evolved into a commercial success for Sony and will soon be available for PC. So they start believing in Sony as well. As the producers themselves say, there is currently no OK for any other game, but you should never say never again.

However, now fans have Started a petition, Which asks Sony not to drop the sequel. It now has about 40,000 supporters.

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