only with luck and patience

only with luck and patience

A PlayStation for Christmas? Xbox One on your wish list? This can be difficult, especially in online trading.

almost always sold out

Anyone who wants to have an up-to-date video game console under the tree for Christmas will need a lot of patience—and a little luck. Because at least the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are almost always sold out currently, new accessories are only available sporadically. It looks better with the Xbox Series S, the lesser sister model of the Series X, and Nintendo’s Switch — mostly only the new OLED model sold here.

Usually not possible to pre-order

“No dealer announces in advance when they will get new consoles,” says Petra Frolich, editor-in-chief of “”. “There are only a few dealers that can pre-order or waitlist — and even you can already calculate it won’t be anything until Christmas.”

classic business trips

Unlike Apple, for example, Sony and Microsoft rarely have their own sales channels for their products; Sales are almost exclusively through electronics and toy retailers. If you have the time, you can do classic business instead. It’s more promising, says Frolich, sometimes even though individual devices are still in stock. “Not only in electronics stores, but also in toy retailers, for example. (DPA)

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