Nightmare 2021 • Nintendo Connect

Nightmare 2021 • Nintendo Connect

Epic Games. announced the launch of the third edition of shortknight It is known, which this time will cause awe, horror and entertainment. short film festival fortnite It will run from midnight of October 29, 2021 till 11 pm on November 1, 2021 and will feature seven creepy, animated short films.

till Shortnite: NightmaresTo watch short movies, the game mode of the same name must be selected and then Shortnite: Nightmares-To be entered in Cinema (Produced by Producer Team quantum build)

Each movie is shown in its own room, so you can independently decide which movie to watch when. It is also possible for the whole period Shortnite: Nightmares In the great hall to watch all the movies in an endless loop. In addition, it will be possible to watch movies again using the picture-in-picture function in Battle Royale mode.

all that for at least 30 minutes Shortnite: Nightmares Follow (either in different rooms or in the large hall) to get the spray figure “Spray Lord”. In addition, from October 28, 2021 at 2 p.m., the item shop will feature a “Popcorn Fighter” outfit as well as a “Slurp Slush” back accessory (including twisted straws) and a “Popcorn Buddy” emote. .

. all details about Shortnite: Nightmares give it to her official blog post.

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