Second major data breach in just one week

Second major data breach in just one week

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Again millions of private data were published on the net. This time they were apparently collected extensively on the LinkedIn Carrier Network.

According to CyberNews, strangers have collected personal data from half a billion LinkedIn users and are now offering them for sale on a hacker forum. The data must contain names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and information about the employer. Emphasis Cybernews The anonymous backers present two million user data as evidence that they are indeed in possession of the information.

Linkedin A statement stated that although the publicly available information in the data would be from the platform, additional information from other sources could be added. “This was not a LinkedIn data leak, and the data did not contain any private LinkedIn member data that we were able to verify,” the statement said.

Second major data breach in a week

Just had one A large number of Facebook user data is put publicly on the net. Used to be. In addition to millions of e-mail addresses, there are more than half a billion telephone numbers. Too Facebook After publication it was stated that the data was not stolen from a hack, but was accessed via a function to import contacts. Facebook discontinued the option to do so in September 2019.

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It is not yet clear whether LinkedIn will inform the respective users about the sale of the data. Facebook already has Issued a rejection And says the company cannot say for sure who is affected by the leak. Since data from Facebook leaks is publicly available, you can at least use an online tool to check for yourself Is your phone number below.

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